Some of these are suggested by fans. The nicknamed ‘Virgin Queen’, but also one of the last five monarchs of the House of Tudor. 6/24/2011. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. They are also providing rent & utilities assistance to eligible individuals. Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us. Hetalia – Human Names. Paulette sounds fine, though :D. 7/2/2011 #2: Biochii Bear Start studying Human Names of Hetalia Characters. As I explained about Hetalia human names before, I have made this list for you.. A > Ancient Egypt – Hatshepsut Philopator (Past time) or Jehan Hassan (Modern time) > Ancient Rome – Romulus Augustus (Past time) or Romulus Vargas (Modern time) > Australia – Kyle Smith B > Belgium – Laura Janssens or Laura van Janssen > Bulgaria – Georgi Dimitrov (Past time) or George Dimitrov … J.H. Seborga (Hetalia)/Wy (Hetalia) Female Finland (Hetalia)/Female Sweden (Hetalia) Australia (Hetalia)/New Zealand (Hetalia) Austria (Hetalia)/Hungary (Hetalia) ... Human names used! Edit: I was thinking about using "Paulette" has her human name, since that name is a female version of the name "Paul", who is the prince of Wy. Human Names for Nyotalia These names are NOT official but there some names that Himaruya liked but never been official. All City of Austin Neighborhood Centers are closed to the public for regular services. If there’s no explanation, I simply picked the name I liked more among the ones suggested by Himaruya. Feel free to use these headcanons for fanfic/fanart. Edited 6/27/2011 #1: Pikkushi. Series. idk. Oh, well! But, I don't have a good last name for her. J.H. The Japanese prefectures do not have official names. Ladonia has his legendary golden apples, he even wears a broach of one. He is a producer and actor, known for Fringe (2008), Almost 1. ; Wy insisted that it was a "coincidence" that she wore the dress Sealand told her to in Hetaween 2011, causing Seborga to comment that she takes after England. I use Piper for Wy becuase, um, idk, like Peter Piper? APH Australia Headcanons Because I am bored and can’t sleep, my little Aussie ass decided I’m gonna write headcanons. Contact Us. This is a place for all those silly little headcanons that you think no-one cares about. Tsundere:. Nyo!Wy’s human name is Wyatt. Sometimes I see around posts with the names people use for characters that don’t have a canon one, and here is mine. Please correct me if there’s something wrong! Or do you mean how did he get his state name? aph states aph wyoming LMAO I jest ... His human name? ... APH Shipping Headcanons, Fuck Yeah APH America, Historical APH Headcanons and Spamano Headcanons Submissions are PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Molossia flips Sealand, Seborga and Wy off when they ask him to be their new friend, but runs back to join them as soon as they leave. I’ll answer both. Wyman, Producer: Fringe. ... Hetalia Australia headcanons by an Australian, with brief mentions of Wy, Hutt River and England. (Last names/Surnames are still the same like their counter-parts (except for Liechtenstein but fans used Zwingli)). Wyman was born on January 5, 1967 in Oakland, California, USA as Joel Howard Wyman. Historically, Virginia was named after Elizabeth the First! Call 512-972-5780 for more information. WIC clinics are closed to the public. ... Wy… His Human Name. Silly Little Hetalia Headcanons.

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