Hello and welcome to Engineering at Reigate College. Our Courses (A to Z) Advanced Level 3 Programme Students with five GCSE passes at Grade 4 or above are eligible for the Advanced Level Programme; Intermediate Level 2 Programme Students who don’t achieve five GCSE passes at Grade 4 and above will be considered for the College’s Intermediate Programme. First teaching: {{getResList(7).firstTeaching}} You can go into employment in the engineering sector. This qu… Total qualification time: {{getResList(8).totalQualificationTime}} Specification. Last registration: {{getResList(3).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(4).title}} This practical BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Technical Knowledge) Mechanical Pathway course is delivered over two years. Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(1).eligibleforfunding_England}} Where next - Job Opportunities. 34 £32.99 £32.99. Qualification number: {{getResList(8).qualificationNumber}} Get it Monday, Jan 4. Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Nationals specification in Engineering – Issue 1 – January 2010 © Edexcel Limited 2009 4 Assessment and grading criteria In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. First external assessment: {{getResList(8).firstExternalAssessment}} Why BTEC LEVEL 3 ENGINEERING is Better Than a Levels? Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(3).eligibleforfunding_England}} Level 3 BTEC 3, 6, 9, 12 unit courses in Engineering (General, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Automotive pathways) Level 4 HNC in Engineering (General, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, Manufacturing and Operations pathways). First teaching: {{getResList(3).firstTeaching}} Supports further progression in education, to an apprenticeship or entry level employment in the engineering sector. Designed as a one-year full-time course or a full two-year programme when studied alongside further Level 3 qualifications. Specialist qualifications designed to be studied over two years alongside additional qualifications. Progression: employment or further study in the engineering sector. BTEC Nationals Information Technology Student Book Activebook J. Phillips, A. Jarvis Many students who enjoy and successfully complete this course progress into Higher Education or employment in the engineering sector. Designed as a one-year full-time course or a full two-year programme when studied alongside further Level 3 qualifications. It will provide you with the opportunity to study a range of topics within mechanical engineering, and develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in preparation for an apprenticeship. First teaching: {{getResList(8).firstTeaching}} Last registration: {{getResList(10).lastRegistration}}, Let us know today and we'll make sure you have the latest news and support to guide you through your teaching.Let us know. Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(7).eligibleforfunding_England}} Performance tables: {{getResList(10).performanceTables}} BTEC Level 3 Engineering qualifications are designed to provide you with qualifications in a range of sectors such as engineering and IT. They provide efficient solutions to the development of processes and products, ranging from small component designs to extremely large plant, machinery or … BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 2 K. Anderson, A. Kaye. BTEC Level 3 National Engineering Student Book E. Cooke, R. Jones. First teaching: April 2020. Last registration: {{getResList(7).lastRegistration}}, Title: {{getResList(8).title}} Guided learning hours: {{getResList(5).guidedLearningHours}} Unit 3 - Engineering Product Design and Manufacture. First external assessment: {{getResList(1).firstExternalAssessment}} Unlike A levels where you still have the option to switch your field of interests based on the subjects you have chosen. Performance tables: {{getResList(2).performanceTables}} Students can select from around 50 A Level, BTEC or Technical Level courses. Eligible for funding (England): {{getResList(2).eligibleforfunding_England}} Supports further progression in education, to an apprenticeship or entry level employment in the engineering sector. Performance tables: {{getResList(4).performanceTables}} It gives students the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to … It will give the learner an excellent foundation at technician level and can be incorporated into an apprenticeship. They give you the knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare you for employment or higher education. FREE Delivery by Amazon. First external assessment: {{getResList(3).firstExternalAssessment}} Specification - Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Certificate in Engineering To purchase any existing assignments please visit Premium Work profile Unit 1 - Engineering Principles. Download PDF | 7.6 MB. Level 3 diploma in it (btec) BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Can you leave Btech course to do A levels A Levels v BTEC A-level Autumn Resits 2020 MEGATHREAD! The BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Level 3 diploma is a Further Education qualification and vocational qualification taken in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.The qualification is organised and awarded by Pearson within the BTEC brand and it is equivalent to A-Levels.It is equivalent to the GCE A Levels, more specifically to three A2 awards (when studying for the BTEC … Students who show an interest in progressing to University may be given the option to attend an additional unit, Further Engineering Mathematics, to help support their application. A-level … Information for students and teachers of our BTEC Nationals in Engineering (2010), including key documents and the latest news. Total qualification time: {{getResList(0).totalQualificationTime}} First teaching: {{getResList(5).firstTeaching}} First external assessment: {{getResList(0).firstExternalAssessment}} Read our guick guide to Btecs to find out more about how Btecs work. BTEC Level 3 Foundation Award in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineers design, maintain, repair and operate everything we need in our daily lives. Qualification number: {{getResList(4).qualificationNumber}} Performance tables: {{getResList(5).performanceTables}} The Level 3 Extended Diploma is equivalent to three A levels and successful completion will provide progression onto Higher Education, a wide range of possible careers and Apprenticeships including Degree Apprenticeships. 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