Get your seed sowing year off to a fine start with a 15 per cent saving on all flower and vegetable seeds at Sarah Raven (excluding gift and seed tin collections). New potatoes are more than just a treat for early summer, you can enjoy them into the winter too. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Christmas potatoes do NOT store well. Buy a pair of expertly trained pink rose standards to enjoy elegant, fragrant blooms this summer for just £14.99. Image sources: Smart Landscapes, jos1946’s Flickr, and Garden4Less. I had heard that it was possible but I’ve never tried it before. The good news is that there are a few simple, high leverage things you can do to stop these being a problem and virtually guarantee an impressive crop of potatoes for Christmas. Wet leaves attract blight which can (and will) destroy your plants. You need to get the planting right if you want a good crop… there is a lot of false information going around. Special seed potatoes are available online, in catalogues and in garden centres now. I’ve done some research so I’ll tell you what I know but with the proviso that I’m not speaking from experience here, just hearsay. Keep an eye out for diseases like potato blight, which can wipe out your harvest. Fill a potato bag or large pot (at least 40cm wide) with multi-purpose compost until it’s two thirds full. Go for quick-maturing varieties like ‘Rocket’ and ‘Swift’, planting them in large pots or potato bags, as shown in this project. Any income received is used to maintain and improve Seed Potatoes. How about using potato prints to make patterns, pictures, Christmas cards … If they are not big enough to eat yet cover again with soil and allow to grow for a couple more weeks continuing to make sure there is no frost damage. Christmas roast potato recipes. Fill the bottom 15cm (6in) of the container with potting compost and plant the seed potato just below this. Potato printing is a simple activity for children of ages, all you need is a potato cut in half, a bit of imagination and some paint to get started. Growing potatoes: potato varieties to grow. Either way, if you have planted in the 1 month period recommended you should certainly have potatoes ready for Christmas dinner! You can click the items in the list and it will take you through to Amazon where you can purchase the items needed to grow your Christmas Potatoes. If you do want to use a fertilizer here is one I recommend. Click here for a short video showing how to plant and grow these from our seed potato supplier. A good soaking when the soil is dry is best. Keep them a couple of inches off the sides. Step one is to get all the items you need in the list above. Copyright Cubed Media Ltd t/a VegetableGrowing. Here’s a full guide on how to plant, grow and harvest potatoes in time for next year’s Christmas dinner. How to grow potatoes indoors for Christmas harvests Use a container at least 30cm (1ft) deep and wide, with drainage holes in the base (specialist potato-growing containers are also available). You want to use a good mix of soil, compost and manure if possible. Informative article about planting for Christmas using our potatoes. Cover over with another 10cm (4in) of compost then add more compost as the stems grow, topping up 5-10cm (2-4in) at a time until the top of the container is reached. Lightly firm the compost, then set three seed potato tubers on the surface, 20-30cm apart. It’s also important to mention that it’s a bad idea to grow potatoes in the same soil that you grew your regular potatoes in. Making sure your potatoes are well earthed up will also improve your chances. Small crops of potatoes can also be grown in large, deep containers, and this is a good way of getting an early batch of new potatoes. If they are big enough to eat you can begin harvesting now. I have had some great success with this variety! The simple way to get around this is to water the soil directly rather than the leaves. Christmas potatoes grow quickly if you have managed to keep them frost free. This video shows how to grow a great crop of potatoes from old store-bought potatoes that have already started to sprout and are way past use by date! If growing in pots then you could follow the instructions for growing potatoes in bags or alternatively just use a good quality multi-purpose compost and add a balanced potato fertiliser. The ideal time to plant is the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September.I asked a large group of gardeners when they recommended planting Christmas potatoes and the general feeling from these folks was that August and September are the best months. Don’t worry if the foliage dies down, leave the spuds in the compost and they should keep well till Christmas. Potatoes are a nutritious and delicious starchy tuber, and they're a source of potassium, fiber, protein, vitamins C and B6, and iron. After a few weeks, the potato plants will begin to sprout. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. Evenly space 3 seed potatoes on top of your layer of compost, an equal distance apart. I will show you a few of the varieties I have grown and recommended plus a few new “wild cards” that might be worth trying out this year…. But watering can bring problems too. Set the seeds onto a layer of compost or potting soil about 10cm (4in) deep, or deeper if your container is particularly tall. Here are two quick and easy ways to protect your potatoes from frost…. Christmas Potato Maris Peer – Another variety that is started to be sold more widely, its not as well tested as Charlotte but has many good reviews. Don’t over do it with the fertiliser, use … It’s difficult to know when to plant when some people recommend plating as early as the end of June and others as late as October. Add some grass clipping and mulch on top to maintain moisture. 12 weeks from planting is usually a good time to check if your crop of potatoes is ready. However, if you want to keep your spuds growing until Christmas, keep them in their containers or in the ground with frost protection until you’re ready to use them. Christmas potatoes are a fantastic crop to grow, they give you a taste of Spring at a time when nothing else is growing out in the garden. Watering seems so simple, but it can be a problem…, You will need to water your potatoes up until the autumn rain comes, usually that will be in October, if you do not by October your plants will have died of drought…. Plus, save £7 on rose feed when bought in same transaction. Remember to harvest only as required. For growing potatoes your greenhouse raised bed should be at lest one feet high and should span an area of at least 3 by 3 feet. You won’t be able to purchase your potatoes from garden centres at this time of … If your growing in bags you can simply move your plants into a cold greenhouse when frost threatens. I cannot find a fault with the plants but find the taste of Charlotte and Maris Peer potatoes to be far superior. You should now have 4 potatoes in the bag and the compost will be 12″ high which leaves about another 6″ to go to the top. Water well to soak the compost, then allow to drain, then place the container in a well-lit porch or greenhouse to start sprouting. As the new stems start growing, keep adding compost until the container is full. As we move through Autumn into Winter the days get shorter and it starts to get colder. I believe planting after the third week in September dramatically reduces your chances of having a crop ready for Christmas. 33 Items Magazine subscription – save 32% and get a three-tier steamer worth £44.99 Perfect your roasties for the big day. What you do is put a 4″ layer of compost in the bag as normal but place 1 potato in each position east and west from the centre of the bag. Hopefully this report will show you which advice to follow. The best way to savour the superb taste and texture of freshly dug potatoes is when you grow your own. Cover each potato with about three inches of soil. These include potato eelworm, which causes stunted growth and poor cropping. So are potatoes worth growing? But have you ever thought of growing your own at home? It’s not recommended that you grow in the ground as it can be difficult to protect the potatoes from frost this way. You can buy garden fleece really cheaply and it is usually enough to cover a good area. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases on Fraser firs grow in higher elevations. All Rights Reserved. Aromatic, summer flower spikes and a bushy habit combine to make this evergreen shrub a must-have. If a really cold snap I expected you might want to even use fleece if your growing in a greenhouse. Keep repeating this until the bag or pot is full. seed potatoes for christmas Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Fill the trench with soil to cover the potatoes. Growing potatoes in a bag is the perfect way to get fresh spuds, even if you don't have a garden. Watering as mentioned about will help, but it’s far from a guarantee. The first thing to understand about growing potatoes in containers (and in the open ground) is that the temperature in August to October is likely to be higher compared to the normal planting time of March / April. ALAN TITCHMARSH has revealed how to grow your own potatoes using ones which sprout. They should have about 30cm of space each. The method of growing is exactly the same as for summer potatoes: place them in some soil at least 10cm (4inches) deep and add more soil on top of the plants, known as ‘earthing up’, as the top growth progresses. Whether or not they are a good crop for your garden will depend on where you live, your climate zone and the length of your growing season. There is a special way of growing in containers that I found out about last year and have had the best results from. Fill the bag half full with compost; Sprinkle some potato fertilizer on top. Growing Potatoes in Bags. This does not affect our rating of the product or service nor the price you pay. You can check to see if your potatoes are ready by moving some of the soil from the container until you find potatoes – it’s important not to disturb the plants or roots when you do this! Growing your own food is a wonderful way to connect with nature, nutrition and your own well-being. Although, I have tested growing standard potatoes with and without the use of fertilizer and found much better results using fertilizer. There are also a couple of “wild card” varieties that I have not grown but others have recommended to me: These wild card varieties may very well be worth a try! The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. 12 weeks from planting is usually a good time to check if your crop of potatoes is ready. Growing Potatoes for Christmas. You can find lots of easy christmas print ideas below for inspiration. If that is your only option, here is what to do: “Dig a trench to a depth of about 10cm (4″) and place the seed potatoes into the trench with the rose end facing upwards. Here’s your guide on how to grow sweet potatoes at home. For autumn planting you are best grow either a first or second early variety as these are very reliable for Christmas harvesting. Start growing potatoes in bags or large containers in summer and you can have the special taste of new potatoes for Christmas. Add around 5 inches of compost mix and then plant your potatoes … Started now, they will be ready to eat by Christmas. If using a deep container, they can be half-filled. Where there is a frost free-greenhouse, cool conservatory or bright porch, potatoes can be planted in August for harvesting at Christmas. Stood outdoors the soil in the buckets becomes cold and can get waterlogged so moving them under cover for the final months is a must. They’re also so easy to grow here in Britain, and with a decent harvest you can be enjoying your home grown tatties all autumn as well as on your plate at Christmas time. Plan ahead and plant some Christmas cropping potatoes now for your festive feast, says Jean Vernon. It might sound really simple but if you make the mistake of watering the leaves it will probably make planting these potatoes a big waste of your time and money…. The gardening expert claimed how using sprouting potatoes often produces better results than growing … So, when planting in spring, save a few tubers for a later planting in summer, and you could be reaping the rewards at Christmas. Some of the best new potatoes are grown from early and second early varieties, usually harvested in June and July. Sweet potatoes are an easy crop to grow in certain areas, and virtually impossible to grow in others. Christmas Potato Charlotte – This is the variety that most people grow and recommend. Growing new potatoes for Christmas dinner is easier than you might think– you just need to plant them a little later. Apply another 4″ of compost on top and then place one potato in a north position and one in a south position and cover with another 4 inches. These potatoes can be eaten straight after harvesting, and are great for roasting and baking! How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed (including best tomato varieties! How to Grow Potatoes. An application of potato fertiliser can be scattered along the top of the trench if required.”. Although I have only grown this for one year I will be trying it again this year as the crops were big and tasted very good. The crops are large and the potatoes taste incredible. Don’t worry if the foliage dies down, leave the spuds in the compost and they should keep well till Christmas. Then you can gently fill the trench with another few inches of soil, leaving the top of the plant exposed. 2020 was the first time we kept potatoes in cold storage for Christmas Planting and so we were very interested to see how people got on. The shoots should start to appear through the soil in one to two weeks. How To Grow Potatoes for Christmas Day. Some of the links (less than 10%) on this website are affiliate links for which we may earn a commission. If you are using the green potato planter bags then I have devised a new layering system to grow them in. Some of the best new potatoes are grown from early and second early varieties, usually harvested in June and July. ... in the soil underneath a potato plant and finding lots of lovely tubers is a moment that gives opening presents on Christmas morning a run for its money. When all of the shoots have appeared from the 4 potatoes at the top of the 12″ level you can then put one more potato right in the centre of them all and cover with another 4″ of compost.”. Check out our advice on growing potatoes for Christmas. All you need is soil, potatoes, and a warm space with access to sunlight.

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