Power to understand the Word that is Sent. Pentecostals interpreted the “rain” in this verse as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. A baptism of fire began to circulate before Asuza st. and was incorporated in the Neo Pentecostal movement. In Ezekiel 9 God’s people receive an identifying mark: And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: The scene in Ezekiel 9 is incredibly serious. Take just one word away that shouldn’t have been there in the first place and we have the light of truth. When, armed with the promises of God, you come to the Father in the name of Jesus, By faith, in His humanity Christ saw what we are permitted to see by faith--. Lesson 1 Jan 6 2017 The SPirit and the word, Lesson 2 Jan 13 2017 The Holy Spirit behind the Scenes, Lesson 3 Jan 20 The DIvinity of the Holy Spirit. He does this when He knows the state of your heart has been prepared as a receiving instrument for the in-pouring of the stream of refreshing, the Word Sent to Enrich. We felt an unusual spirit of prayer. Each quotation was looked up in the Yes, but…what is it? Judgement has begun at the sanctuary and those without the mark in their forehead receive a death sentence. The Word of God is near unto you, even upon your lips. Joel prophesies of the former and the latter rain in Joel chapter two. Why are they scattered on the earth/Jerusalem? The prophecies are also good news, with many promises for God’s people in the last days. They are privileged to see by faith the work that is going forward in the heavenly sanctuary. Second, the Latter Rain Movement emphasized "overcomers" or "members of Joel's army" who would exhibit special powers such as divine healing and prophecy in the last days. Isaiah’s example is worth examining: Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? These changes made the Latter Rain Movement distinct from the Pentecostal context from which it arose, and church life in Latter Rain influenced churches significantly different from traditional Pentecostal ones. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain.” – James 5:7. But if they, like Isaiah, will receive the impression the Lord designs shall be made upon the heart, if they will humble their souls before God, there is hope for them. The  word  “cast” in Revelation 8:5 can mean to pour or sprinkle. The LORD will be the glory in the midst of her and the call to come out of Babylon is given in verse 6 and 7. He Who calls you is faithful and He will do it. It is interesting to note that Ellen White when referring to :”the "daily" (Daniel 8:12) that the word "sacrifice" was supplied by man's wisdom, and does not belong to the text, and that the Lord gave the correct view of it to those who gave the judgment hour cry.” Pg 74 EW. But we who are called to be the mouthpiece, the oracle, can become reticent, not really believing that we are truly able in the moment to be the example of our calling. Here I saw the altar of incense, the candlestick with seven lamps, and the table on which was the shew-bread. Walking with The LORD for over 40 years, Thomas runs “The Voice of the Writer” a Prophetic Ministry. I have always tried to feel the impact of the stories I read as they pertain to my life, but none as personally as when I read the scriptures. It is not surprising that the Spirit of Inspiration would choose to use the early and latter rains as symbols of the spiritual growth and maturation of believers at Pentecost and, again, just before Yahushua’s return. The problem exists in the lack of understanding of the reader. LESSON 4 JESUS: HIS POSITION IN THE GODHEAD. Then said I, Whither goest thou? “Perfect method and harmonious working will be brought into all the operations of his prepared instrumentalities.” (1888 1303.1) The destruction of Jerusalem referred to in Matthew 24 was representative of a wider future impact on the whole earth. Well may they despair as they contrast their own weakness and unworthiness with the purity and loveliness of the glorious character of Christ. Christ’s ministration is in the Most Holy before the Mercy seat. On the Pentecost of Acts 2 the Holy Spirit was poured out on the faithful. And that God is once again going to reveal Himself to mankind in supernatural ways. I saw an angel swiftly flying to me. Latter Rain doctrines addressed this formalism with a series of doctrinal and practical changes. The question can be asked: Why coals of fire? The Latter Rain Project has recently purchased twenty-two acres of land in south-central Wisconsin where construction is underway for a meeting hall and guest cabins. LESSON 5 Feb 3 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They are readied to participate in ‘the last great work of the third angel's message as it swells to a loud cry… and they unite to fearlessly proclaim the third angel's message.’  {EW 277.1}. Power to break the bands of wickedness, set free the oppressed. God will respond to the petitions coming from the contrite heart (RH Dec. 22, 1896). They will be in ‘perfect unity’ as the disciples were at Pentecost. The LORD Will Heal, Repair, Revive, Restore, Renew, Empower You, True Prophetic Ministry vs False Prophetic Ministry, We Lift Up This Nation of America in Prayer, Ask and Be Satisfied With Favour Like Naphtali, A Prayer Against Pride, Ego, Vanity, Frustration, Impatience. And as we prayed, the Holy Ghost fell upon us. By the destruction of Jerusalem is symbolized the last great judgment of God that is to come upon the world. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: Coals of fire referred to in previous scripture references when taken from the altar were used to cleanse and purge the recipient from sin. then there is the present false "latter rain" teaching related to the 'kingdom now' movement.the future epic outpouring of the holy spirit is prophesied for the end-time. Everyone is waiting for a Word of Encouragement for themselves; obviously because we all want to hear from Him. [07, 49, 65, 116, 187, 291, II Peter, 351, 378, BD, Matthew 10, I Thessalonians, the role of prophets as part of the five-fold ministry was an item of the latter rain discussion list] The Lord has given Christians the grace to reconcile the children to their Fathers As One Body. The Rains are Behind the Open Door . The overemphasis relative to imparting, identifying, bestowing, or confirming of gifts by the laying on of hands and prophecy. Those who are self-sufficient may be apparently active in the work of God; but if they are prayerless, their activity is of no avail. The instruction is then to go and “scatter” the coals of fire over the city. It is called the ‘latter rain’ in the Bible – ‘then I will give you the rain for your land in its season, the early rain and the latter rain, that you may gather in your grain, your new wine, and your oil.” – Deut. This scene occurs after 1844. Here the early and latter rain represent firstly the rain of seed time at planting and secondly the rain of ripening before the harvest: the first fell in Judaea about the beginning of our November after the seed was sown; the second toward the end of our April as the ears began filling out in preparation for the full harvest, as their crops developed during the winter and early spring. He will truly be a wall of fire round about and the glory in the midst of her. The bow of promise is above the throne, and the work done for Isaiah will be performed in them. It is important to note that in Revelation 8:5 that the word it is in italics and does not come from the original text. The man clothed with linen is instructed to take coals of fire from between the cherubims, (“under the cherub”). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It ushers in the time to “gather in your grain, your new wine, and your oil.” The grain and the new wine — represent the bread and wine of the Holy Communion. The latter rain will be the focus of this page on Joel 2. As they look by faith into the holy of holies, and see the work of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary, they perceive that they are a people of unclean lips,--a people whose lips have often spoken vanity, and whose talents have not been sanctified and employed to the glory of God. Most were first-year students, but some were second- and third-year students from the Pentecostal Bible College in The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that the Latter Rain falling at the close of the season is to ripen the grain to prepare for the harvest; it’s the completion of the work of God’s grace upon the soul. Pentecostals associated with the “First Wave” of the charismatic movement claim that their fraudulent faux-miracles and gobbledegook tongues are the “latter rain” prophesied in Joel 2. Rain is the stimulus and medium by which the nutrients in the soil are drawn up through the root system. As the dew and the rain are given first to cause the seed to germinate, and then to ripen the harvest, so the Holy Spirit is given to carry forward, from one stage to another, the process of spiritual growth. The witness that you have become aware of is driving you into the position to hear Him and respond as He reveals something to you. “Perfect method and harmonious working will be brought into all the operations of his prepared instrumentalities.” (1888 1303.1). The Latter Rain broug… This is what truly drew me in. HTML tags allowed in your comment:
, Christian Prophecy, Prayers & Bible Sharing — Updated Daily. We were very happy. The book of Revelation opens with an injunction to us to understand the instruction that it contains. If Ellen White’s writings appear to contradict the scripture it is just that – an appearance. APPENDIX A STATEMENTS FROM SOME BIBLE COMMENTATORS. It would be when the Spirit of The LORD has gotten a hold of your spirit in its heightened state of sensitivity, where your mind has been gently jarred into the reality of the pull upon your heart by The Holy Spirit. Power for anointing that will break every yoke of bondage. There was much tossing and turning, questioning and prayer about this statement – because if her quote directly relates to Revelation 8:5 all of this study is wrong. So…the latter rain is the Holy Spirit. They will be in ‘perfect unity’ as the disciples were at Pentecost. The ‘city’ is easily identifiable in Ezekiel because in Chapter 9:4 a mark is placed on those that are sighing and crying for the abominations done in the land – this is happening in the city of Jerusalem – where God’s professed people dwell. You are saved by Grace. Thomas Downes. God bless you and your family for the outpouring of spiritual knowledge. “He hath given you the former rain moderately,” that is, in due season, “and He will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain and the latter rain… It is a call for the heart of man to dwell under the drenching waterfall of His Presence. No Spiritual Neutrality. This brings to mind the same concept as pouring out or sprinkling. The scattering of the coals in Ezekiel and Revelation represent the outpouring of the holy spirit in the times of refreshing. The subtitle of The Latter Rain is Using the Book of Isaiah As the Key to Unlock Bible Prophecies That Are Relevant Today. ". And he said unto me, To measure Jerusalem, to see what. If testimony and seeking continued, so did the service in most cases. Power for living waters to flow from your innermost being. We are amid the perils of the last days, the time will soon come when the prophecy of Ezekiel 9 will be fulfilled; that prophecy should be carefully studied, for it will be fulfilled to the very letter. When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and, The sealing is almost completed – the saints will be cleansed by the ‘spirit of burning’ – the coals of fire, representative of the spirit of God, will purge the filth away. This veil was raised, and I passed into the Holy Place. LESSON 3 JESUS: THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD. Connecting this with the golden censer which is between the angels in Ellen Whites vision – it is from the censer that the coals are being taken. Power to know the Wisdom from above that is pure and peaceable. It is interesting to note that in both books – Revelation and Ezekiel that God’s people are specifically referred to in the chapters prior. When does this take place? The previous page (part 3 of 5 parts on Joel 2) talks about the blowing of the trumpet in Zion in preparation for the Second Coming. Scripture must be the first and foremost determiner of truth. The LORD is Now Revealing His Love For You to The World. the latter rain revival there is a genuine latter rain revival, or end-time revival, also known as 'joel's outpouring' or 'hosea's revival'. The LORD is REAL, His Words Are Infallible! 11:15 The place of His outpouring would be the position of your heart at the time of His calling you. The Latter Rain The Work of the Spirit Likened to Rain "He will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter In the East the former rain falls at the sowing time. Power for the effectual prayer for the righteous that avails much. In the Holiest I saw an ark; on the top and sides of it was purest gold. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. In Revelation 7 it is interesting to note that specific reference is made to God’s people and the mark in Ezekiel is similar to the sealing that takes place for the 144,000: Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. Then I looked, and, behold, in the firmament that was above the head of the cherubims there appeared over them as it were a sapphire stone, as the appearance of the likeness of a throne. Power to call those things that are not as though they were. In the City I saw a temple, which I entered. Lesson 6 Feb 10 The Holy Spirit and a Holy Life. Pray For The American President, Donald J. Trump. The message of the fall of Babylon, as given by the second angel, is repeated, with the additional mention of the corruptions which have been entering the churches since 1844. {ExV 15.2}. David W. Myland In 1907 seems to have coined the term “Latter Rain Movement” first, in a book of songs entitled “Latter Rain Songs.” In 1910 Myland wrote his book “The Latter Rain Covenant” in which he tried to associate the rainfall in Israel, with the manifestations of the Holy Spirit that occurred at Azusa. The latter rain insured a bountiful harvest. Of course Latter Rain promoters argue over when the Latter rains began and with their numerology, some teach the latter rain began in 1948 when Israel became a nation. Note where the times of refreshing come from in Acts 3:19 – from the presence of the Lord. It is not her writings that are the issue – because they also are God’s truth. I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked, and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand. The resolution adopted disapproved of the following practices of the Latter Rain, and the action was made necessary as a result of the movement invading the Assembly of God churches: 1. the Latter Rain Promises and Teaching Quotes from Ellen G. White This is an Expanded Version of Preparation for the Latter Rain Quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy Which was Compiled by B. E. Wagner The Expanding of this Latter Rain study was done by Michael E. Brown The expansion process is simple. 2. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was first shared with the disciples on the day of Pentecost. W e want to consider the great subject of the Holy Spirit as early and latter rain, with a special reference to the latter rain. He quickly carried me from the earth to the Holy City. Soon I was lost to earthly things, and was wrapped up in a vision of God's glory. He is waiting to pour out his spirit on his people and empower them to give the loud cry of the third angel: “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, …Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18 2, 4. LESSON 5 JESUS: THE CHRIST ANOINTED OF GOD. God’s people will receive the outpouring of the latter rain. Lev 16:12  And he shall take a censer full of burning coals of fire from off the altar before the LORD, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten small, and bring, Lev 16:13  And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the LORD, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that. God has promised to number the 144,000. Early on, Latter Rain congregations developed the practice of “calling out” individuals by name, blessing them with a laying on of hands, and providing a prophecy for them (Holdcroft 1980:4-5). The Latter Rain cult says it, not the Bible. We also see that the “latter rain” (the end-times outpouring) would be greater than the “former rain.” What is the purpose of the Latter Rain? Lesson 4 Jan 27 The Personality of the Holy Spirit. The work of God is to be carried on to completion by the co-operation of divine and human agencies. 6}. The “latter rain” (the end-times outpouring) would be greater than the “former rain.” In 1948, a “revival” broke out in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the teachings of the Latter Rain movement were clarified. "And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament." You know full well that The LORD has something for you to do. In response to this spiritual hunger, about 70 students gathered in October 1947 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, to begin the first term of the newly formed Sharon Bible College. You see, the rainy cycle of Israel is a prophetic type of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the harvest of souls In late October, the early rain comes. Required fields are marked *. When the Holy Spirit was poured out at the beginning of the 20 th Century, it had been taught that the outpouring was the fulfillment of the "latter rain" prophecies which were spoken of by the Old Testament prophets. Your email address will not be published. By R. K. McGregor Wright, Th.M., Ph.D. {RH, November 5, 1889 par. In the healing revival of the 40’s-50’s Latter Rain proponent Franklin Hall made famous the fire baptism (whose book most read, including Branham The times of service tended to be flexible, again following the revival practice. The term ‘Earth’ as a Thayer definition can refer to a tract, territory or region of land as well as the whole globe or earth in the Strong’s. Jerusalem or God’s people are being measured in Zechariah verses 1 and 2 and then in verse 4 the angel runs to the man with the measuring line to tell him about the future of Jerusalem (God’s people). It was the “former rain” that the prophet Joel talked about and it was given to launch the Church age. The work of this angel comes in at the right time to join in the last great work of the third angel's message as it swells to a loud cry. LESSON 17 THE GODHEAD DOES IT REALLY MATTER? 4. Praise God that his light shone and he revealed that in Revelation 8:5 the inserted word ‘it’ clouded our understanding and ability to apply and compare this scripture with Ezekiel, which is obviously referring to the same event. “ The prophecies which were fulfilled in the outpouring of the former rain at the opening of the gospel are again to be fulfilled in the latter rain at its close. … On the Day of Atonement the priest would bring a censer full of burning coals off the altar within the vail. By comparing scripture with scripture we are able to see the same picture conveyed by two of God’s precious servants – John and Ezekiel. © His Kingdom Prophecy, The Academy of Light – Prophetic Magazine, What The LORD is Saying Today — January 2021, What The LORD is Saying Today — December 2020, What The LORD is Saying Today — November 2020, What The LORD is Saying Today — October 2020. The LORD knows the thoughts He has toward you, thoughts of peace, not of evil, to give you a future and hope. The former rain came to pass at the day of Pentecost in the Upper room and the latter rain is what every Spirit filled believer has been eagerly waiting for. It is a call for the heart of man to dwell under the drenching waterfall of His Presence. God is also revealing today that there is a correct view of Revelation. Power for every tongue to confess that He is Lord. reminds us of Joel's prophecy of the early and latter rain. This discussion is continued from The Latter Rain Movement - Part 1. It does not give us the impression of something being thrown down or being cast down. In the above passage from Zechariah the LORD is a wall of fire round about and the glory in the midst of her. Are you making the right choice, the right decision to put yourself into the place of His outpouring? While Joel 2:28ff clearly prophecies the outpouring on Pentecost in Acts 2, the theology of "latter rain" is speculative and without any Bible support. Latter rain — In Hebrew, latter rain is “ malqosh.” The latter rain matures the crops and brings the harvest. These are followed by the Great Multitude. ThePersecuted7 112,505 views This is very similar to the vision of Ellen White quoted from {ExV 15.3} where. The latter rain, falling near the close of the season, ripens the grain, ... Jesus’ Disciple Peter understood that the day of Pentecost was the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel 2! Lion Attitude Gets You Through to Trump the Foe! Be confident in this very thing, that He Who began this good work in you, will complete it until the Day of Jesus Christ. There is a river that is flowing and pouring, flowing and pouring, repeatedly flowing with the rhythm of The Word That is Sent. Then said I, Here. The late 1940s was a time of deep spiritual hunger among Pentecostals, who were concerned about the declining operation of the gifts of the Spirit once so evident when Pentecostalism began in the early 20th century. But spiritual neutrality does not exist, primarily because the God of the Bible does exist. It is called, “The Latter Rain…..” The Latter Rain Movement: Its Continuing Influence Part Two. And, behold, the angel that talked with me went forth, and another angel went out to meet him, And said unto him, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited. Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the, In those days, and in that time, saith the LORD, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and. The LORD is measuring his people right now in the investigative judgement. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Power to know the truth that will set you free. DANIEL 8 & 11 - King of Fierce Countenance, DANIEL'S PROPHECIES ALL EXTEND TO THE END OF THE WORLD, No 4 HOW WE RECEIVE THE SALVATION OF CHRIST, No 14 THE SANCTUARY AND THE REMOVAL OF SIN, No 15 BECOMING CHRISTLIKE - ON THE DAY OF ATONEMENT, No 24 GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN CHRIST AND SATAN, No 30 THE SEAL OF GOD OR THE MARK OF THE BEAST, No 32 WHAT GOD AND HIS PEOPLE HAVE IN COMMON, No 35 OUR DIET, AND HOW IT CAN CHANGE OUR PLANS FOR HEAVEN. This is not a 501c3 ministry. The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy, (Revelation 19:10). (how convenient again.) Eze 10:2  And he spake unto the man clothed with linen, and said, Go in between, It is interesting to note that in Ezekiel 10:1 ‘above the head of the cherubims’ could be seen the ‘likeness of a throne’. The “latter rain” is a biblical symbol for the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit, by which the corporate spiritual experience of God’s church will be brought to ripeness for the harvest (Joel 2:23-29). JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. There is a consistency of imagery between Revelation 8: 2-5 and the activity that Ellen White relates to this sanctuary scene. Study also the tenth chapter which represents the hand of God as at work to bring perfect method and harmonious working into all the operations of his prepared instrumentalities. Declarations & Decrees: LORD, in You Alone Will I Trust! A difference is noted between the scattering in Ezekiel which is on the ‘city’ and the casting of the coals in Revelation onto the ‘earth’. The “latter rain” in this verse is interpreted as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Latter Rain proponents saw Pentecostalism as spiritually dry in the post-war period and in danger of slipping into a dry or mental formalism like many of their evangelicalpeers. The golden censer is waved before the mercy seat in the most holy apartment of the heavenly sanctuary. This is the same meaning given to the Hebrew word for scatter in Ezekiel 10:2. zaw-rak' A primitive root; to sprinkle (fluid or solid particles): - be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew. It wasn’t the censer being thrown down it was the coals of fire from the altar. This prophecy also applies to God’s people today. Latter Rain, False Prophets, etc ; David Wilkerson, Paul Washer, Carter Conlon, Keith Daniel, etc - Duration: 41:51. God’s people will receive the outpouring of the latter rain. Praise God that he is able to open our eyes to see the marvellous truth.). His purpose is to present the Word of God and the Love of God with the prophetic heart; the heart that desires to hear the Voice of The LORD, and present His Word for the encouragement of others. Declarations & Decrees: God Almighty is Shaking All Nations. What an encouragement to every soul! I passed through a door before I came to the first vail. Your email address will not be published. The vision given to Isaiah represents the condition of God's people in the last days. Even that doesn’t completely portray the explosive restoring of the hearing ear in the Spirit. James says it's going to be exciting. (To come to this conclusion was an answer to prayer – Ellen White refers to the throwing down of the censer and directly relates it to the statement “It is done” and that every “case had been decided for life or death” {EW 279.2}. Christ also carries the censer in his ministry in the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary. That call was given historically to the Jews to return to Jerusalem and flee from Babylon which was ruled by Cyrus and Medo-Persia. Lesson 9 March 3 The Holy Spirit and the Church, Lesson 10 March 10 The Holy Spirit, the Word and Prayer, Lesson 11 March 17 Grieving and Resisting the Spirit, And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer, And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast, The Lord gave me the following view in 1847, while at Topsham, Me. "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy," God declares, "and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand. The brethren were assembled on the Sabbath. There is a river that is flowing and pouring, flowing and pouring, repeatedly flowing with the rhythm of The Word That is Sent.

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