For Special Edition users, see the link to the Skyrim Special Edition Nexus page in the mod description.) Magnus - Wilderness south of Treva�s Watch Hermaeus Mora All favor gains multiplied by up to x1.5 based on your Sneak skill Spoiler TheoAllen wrote: Hello, Im slightly confused with Hircine Blessing, bitter mercy. Prayer changes favor to a random value Per main quest completed: 1.5% Summon an undead minion: -40% All favor gains multiplied by x1.25 if you are a Dark Elf All favor gains multiplied by x1.25 if you are an Argonian Favor decreases half as fast while under the effects of Lover�s Comfort Jyggalag If someone could describe how this 'mini-game' is supposed to work, that would be much appreciated. - Hillcrown Yokudan Shrine, southwest of Rorikstead Read an Eldritch Tome: +25% Create a weapon: +0.5% Kill a person: +0.75% Donate to a beggar: up to +5% -- Other deities -- Mara Vaermina He supposedly created and used the Staff of Magnus, one of the older artifacts of Tamriel. - Fallowstone Cave During it, you aren't actively casting spells like you normally would; it's more a guessing game about how much of your magicka bar you need to successfully cast the spells you're shown (those can be spells that you do not actually know). - Wilderness north of Bard�s Leap Summit Mannimarco Pick a lock: +1.5% -- The Yokudan Pantheon -- Discover a new map location: +0.75% Thank you!! Is it supposed to be a secret discovered in game? Eat a corpse with the Ring of Namira: +2% (Modified favor decay: 0% per day) St. Alessia Kill a sleeping person: +2.5% Read a book: +1% - Temple of the Ancestors, south of Morvunskar - Location: Black Book - Waking Dreams Favor gains from prayer multiplied by x1.5 but must sleep Per store invested in: 3% (Modified favor gain from prayer: 0% per day) Trinimac The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. One of the ways listed for increasing favor is 'Practice magic successfully while meditating', but when I meditate I cannot cast spells. All favor gains multiplied by x1.25 if you are a Breton Temper a piece of armor: +1.5% Hircine Kynareth - Statue to Meridia - Wilderness south of Valtheim Towers - Nightcaller Temple Quest �At the Summit of Apocrypha� completed: 25% Discover a new map location: +0.25% < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . Baan Dar - Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon If you're playing a Breton (Imperious) with the Atronach Stone (Andromeda), I'd say go Magnus. Scholars from all over Tamriel have descended upon the hold since it became home to the Ysmir Collective, a library rescued from destruction in the east and the cornerstone of academic life at the College of Winterhold. - Temptation: read �Feyfolken III� - Temptation: read �Beggar Prince� Morwha -- The Khajiiti Pantheon -- - Hillcrown Yokudan Shrine, southwest of Rorikstead Cure your vampirism: Death That's my favorite combo. Kill anyone with a summoned undead minion: +1.5% - Glenmoril Coven Favor decay: -5% per day If it is something I need to discover in game, then maybe just say that and I'll keep playing. Intimidate a person: +5% Learn a spell: +1.5% - Darkfall Cave Become a vampire or other undead: Death Per civil war quest completed: 2% Favor gains from prayer multiplied by x1.5 but requires a Human Heart or Human Flesh - Wilderness south of Saarthal - Wilderness south of Kynesgrove Per point of Health/Magicka/Stamina (whichever is lower): 0.15% In Cyrodiil, there is a magical sto… Mephala Then add Miraaks robe set and you get a ton of spell absorb synergy as well. Some deities may have additional requirements related to race or quest completion. At level 2, you may choose a patreon deity to worship from a selection of the most popular deities for your race. Magnus They assaulted Saarthal, hoping to capture t… Malacath If owning least one house: 25% - Hillcrown Yokudan Shrine, southwest of Rorikstead - Haemar�s Shame Create a weapon: +0.5% In the current game i am not able to equip the staff. Molag Bal Defile a shrine: up to +5% Receive a bounty: -0.1% per bounty gold Pray or worship at least daily: +7.5% per day - Temptation: read �The Doors of Oblivion� The All-Maker Persuade a person: +2% There should be a light floating in front of you while you meditate, and you should be able to activate that light. Malacath Favor gains from prayer multiplied by up to x1.5 if outside in clear starlight Escape jail: +20% -- The Nine Divines -- Z�en Talos Pray or worship at least daily: +7.5% per day I tried searching for answers and came across a mention of it as a 'mini-game', but no info on how to do it. Xarxes Wintersun adds religion and worship. All favor gains multiplied by up to x1.5 based on your Light Armor skill

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