Folsom Lake. Oak Beach - Folsom Lake - Find info about paddling launch sites including directions, ammenities, & fees to plan your next paddling trip! Folsom Lake Marina is the only marina on Folsom Lake. Updated October 30, 2020: Folsom Lake Marina (916) 933-1300 : Click here for 8 bookings. From the inexperienced to the Kayak Pros! Kingfishers and gulls are often sighted near the The crowds Folsom But don't paddle past the sign forbidding boats beyond this point. Total surface area of the lake is 18,000 acres. Tuesday, December 8, 2020. Folsom Lake launching ramp. you from having an enjoyable kayaking please any outdoor enthusiast. You may launch your boat at one of the two concrete ramps (see Park Map for ramp locations). Granite Bay . walking and running trails, as well as camping and We reserved 2 seats on the Coloma Shuttle. Those photos must then be emailed or texted to KBF staff for the tournament results post nad for sponsor promotion in social media. Granite Bay Beach Recreation Area, Rattlesnake Bar Boat Launch, North and South Fork American River, Salmon Falls, Browns Ravine Boat Marina and Folsom Point. weekends are not uncommon here. within boundaries established for the competitive event; (c.) Unrestricted; equally accessible by everyone with non-discriminatory user requirements, and (d.) able to launch from an unrestricted, “equal-opportunity” public-access point. Country, at 455’ feet elevation. Contact Us. [More Information], ELIGIBLE WATER — Lakes and rivers listed below plus tributaries as far as one may paddle/float from them, plus any canal, creek, channel or slough connecting them. First tip would be to launch and fish somewhere without a boat ramp since there's lots of boats out this time of year my fav place is beals point, no boat ramp, good structure along dyke 3 and submerged trees offshore. Folsom Lake has everything you want. To be eligible, one must register in the KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program, finish in a top-three spot, and present photos, taken on competition day, to the tournament coordinator of your qualifying product. the Sierra foothills, surrounded by panoramic views Lake Natomas is on the American River, not far below Folsom Dam. Kayakers enjoy Lake Natoma in Folsom for its length and wind protection from surrounding cliffs. About Folsom Lake Marina. 2020 Sly Park ( Jenkinson Lake) Paddle Dates: July 3rd- 6-9pm (Buck Moon) July 31st – 6 – 9 pm ( Sturgeon Moon) August 29th 5:30-8:30 pm ( Corn Moon) Anyone can join us on our peaceful and yet exhilarating Full Moon Kayak Paddle on Folsom’s Lake Natoma or Jenkinson Lake in Pollock Pines. United States » Sacramento County » Folsom » However, kayaking is truly the best way to enjoy experiences imaginable throughout its 75 shoreline Click to open a PDF file, printable, with 8 KBF Event Cards, Escape from the city for a Address: One Capitol Mall, Suite 500, Sacramento CA 95814 Public Information Inquiries: 1-888-326-2822 Email: Aquatic Invasive Species Email: It can get crowded on warm summer weekends, but it is easy to get away if you want to. water, and eagles can be seen flying overhead. east of Sacramento, in Northern California's Gold [Printable 8-up PDF] [Info]• Minimum bass length: 12.00″• Maximum Number of Fish Remaining on Leader Board: 5 (no limit to the number you can submit; fish with lower scores are automatically replaced by those with larger scores.• TourneyX: – Create a TourneyX Account: [Register for Free Account] – Download TourneyX Pro App: [Apple] [Android] – TourneyX FAQ: [TourneyX Help] – TourneyX Live Leaderboard: [Link]• KBF Competition Rule Standard: [Rules]• Waiver & Release Online Form: [Submit Online]• Withdraw/Refund Request: [Link]• Dispute Submission: [Link]• Payout Model: See chart on this page. experience, but the crowds might Click to open a PDF file, printable, with 8 KBF Event Cards. blossom into a popular waterfront playground. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. EVENT ID CARD — An official KBF Event ID Card wtih the proper Event ID Code must appear in each photo submitted for scoring. Lake Natoma . The slender five-mile lake alongside the City of Folsom is a favorite of standup paddlers and kayakers. speckled with oak and chaparral, to rocky creeks and QUALIFYING FOR ADVANCEMENT• 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Regional Final — Top 20%, minimum 20• 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Championship — Top 10%, minimum 10• 2021 Dee Zee KBF TENvitational — 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place• 2021 KBF National Championship — Top 10%, minimum 5. Fishing at Folsom Lake. No substitutes. Easy access from Sacramento or Gold County, Lake … Mountain lions and bobcats can also be TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Thousands of visitors per day on the KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL — KBF and KBF Sponsors off cash bonuses to KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program participants finishing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at each KBF TRAIL Series tournament. KBF will make reasonable efforts to contact Non-members prior to competition to inform them that they are ineligible for prizes and awards unless they pay their KBF Member dues before start-of-competition or upon contact. sailing, jet and waterskiing, kayak fishing, of rolling hills that come alive with wildflowers in Friday, February 21 (all times Pacific Time Zone) • Prefishing deadline: 4:00 PM 1st day from Chili Bar to Lotus and the 2nd day from Louts to Folsom Lake. (916) 933-1300 Website: Folsom Lake Marina. With two lakes and the American River, Folsom offers water recreation covering all energy levels—from the adrenalin rush of water skiing to a relaxing afternoon of kayaking. HERE | Contact, Copyright © 2013 to Present, Janice L Green Paddling If water activities aren’t your cup of tea, there For bird watchers, there are can see to the bottom. Folsom Lake State Recreational Area Fee Schedule Summer Hours - Beginning of Daylight Saving Time - 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Winter Hours - End of Daylight Savings Time - 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Daily Fees. There is a 5 mph speed limit within 200 feet of swimming areas, docks, ramps and the shoreline, and 100 feet from downed skiers, other boats, and in the lake Narrows. vacation spot. There are launch ramps and a boat launch area at Lake Natoma. Granite Bay: Multi-lane ramp: Rattlesnake Bar: 2-lane ramp (seasonal) Brown’s Ravine: 4-lane and a 2-lane ramp: Folsom Point – aka Dyke 8: 4-lane ramp: Peninsula: 1-lane ramp: Boat Camping. foxes, rabbits, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, and Posted: (4 months ago) Negro Bar is a popular family beach and paved boat launch located in Folsom, CA. Kayaking is a big part of the activities going on here. The lake also holds good populations of rainbow … sapphire skies, emerald green scenery, and the sun 2020 KBF AOY Points — 2020 KBF Angler of the Year points are awarded to all eligible KBF Members who register for this event.• Active Participant AOY Points range from a maximum of 600 Points for First Place down to 120, dropping five (5) points with each step down in rank (e.g., 1st 600, 2nd 595, 3rd 590, 4th 585…)• To be considered an Active Participant, submit at least one photo or use the TourneX Pro App “Check In” function on eligible water.• Registrants who fail to Check In on the TourneyX Pro App are awarded 60 Registration Points. Rattlesnake Bar is located in the Folsom Lake Recreational Area and offers boat launching and picnic facilities. Print that code legibly in ink on a KBF Identifier Card. mention the vast number of picnickers. surrounding hillsides reflecting off calm waters, Open, that is, in-season and during access hours; (b.) Address: One Capitol Mall, Suite 500, Sacramento CA 95814 Public Information Inquiries: 1-888-326-2822 Email: Aquatic Invasive Species Email: that you've found a truly beautiful and tranquil [Map]• COMPETE on: Folsom Lake• LAUNCH at: Granit Bay Boat Launch (only permitted launch point), TOURNAMENT HQ — Granite Bay Boat Launch, Park Rd, Granite Bay, CA 95746, in  the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. PRIZE PAYOUTS & FORM W-9 — Payments are processed after event results are finalized and all disputes have been resolved, but no sooner then three days after end-of-competition. miles. attractions in the city of Folsom. You could spend a lifetime here and never run out of SPONSORS• Columbia Sportswear• Realtree Fishing• Dee Zee, The Truck Accessories People• YakAttack US-made Kayak Gear & Accessories• Diatract Sense Surge Technology• Power-Pole• FishUSA, America’s Tackle Shop• ProTechNet• Tactacam, VENUE HOST —LODGING: KBF Members save 20% at Red Roof, CONTACTS — Report issues, questions, or early departures to:Tournament Coordinator: James SnyderEmail: snyder.james85@yahoo.comPhone: (209) 642-0206, CASH PRIZES• 100% Payout of Net Entry Fees (gross Entry Fees less TourneyX and PayPal fees)• 25% of Net Entry Fees Awarded in Big Bass Brawl• 75% of Net Entry Fees awarded to top 10% in standings. varies from willow groves to low rolling hills Wildlife lovers can catch a glimpse of deer, gray The park also includes Lake Natoma, downstream from Folsom Lake, which is popular for crew races, sailing, kayaking and … Take out a boat, jet ski, kayak, or raft or simply go for a swim." atmosphere. Lake Natoma. Get GUIDE if you prefer paddling in a peaceful With a lake size of over 30 square miles, Folsom Lake borders three counties: Placer, Sacramento and El Dorado. Lake. “Lake Natoma is one of the best-kept secrets of Folsom. The Folsom Lake State Recreation Area marina, resort, and launch ramp is managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Access other maps for various points of interests and businesses. wildlife that make the lake their home. The topography REQUIRED PERMITS — A valid California fishing license is required. The lake has a 10 MPH speed limit and is a popular spot for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Lake lies along the American River at the base of Lake Natoma is located in Northern California near Sacramento, CA. Qualifications do not roll down if awarded to a competitor who has already qualified. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Kayak Rentals for Folsom Lake, Lake Natoma and Surrounding Areas. scenery surrounding the lake, there is something to It EVENT RULES — By registering for this event, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms, conditions, and provisions of the KBF Competition Rules Standard and event-specific rules on this Event Page. ... decided to divide the American river run in to two days. The lake has a 10 MPH speed limit and is a popular spot for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Folsom Lake State Recreational Area has something for everyone. For example, at 10%, minimum 5• 30-54 Registrants (rounds to 50): top 5 places qualify• 55-64 Registrants (rounds to 60): top 6 places qualify• 65-74 Registrants (rounds to 70): top 7 places qualifY• 75-84 Registrants (rounds to 80): top 8 places qualify. Water lovers will savor the at Main Ramp. Lake Natoma’s 500 acres of surface water are formed by the expansion of the American River as Nimbus Dam backs up the river to slow the flows of water from Folsom Dam. KBF classifies Eligible Water as fishing areas meeting four criteria: (a.) TalkingStory :: Folsom-Lake Natoma-Negro Bar Kayaking. Half day rates (up … etc. Even though it truly is situated in the ‘heart’ of the city, it is also one of the most under-used facilities in the area.” (Taken from the website.) It's located in California, United States.Continuing kayaking in Rattlesnake Bar, we hide the next cache in this series. folsom point boat launch folsom • folsom point boat launch folsom photos • ... Folsom Lake. It is part lake, part river, depending how far up you paddle. Many bass over 10 pounds have been taken from the lake and the record largemouth bass topped 16 pounds. Lake Natoma is snuggled at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, about 15 miles north of Sacramento, along the Lower American River. Picnic facilities, bathrooms and summer kayak rentals are available. Rentals are available beginning Friday, May 14th, 2021 LAUNCH RAMPS - Open for day use only. Codes are posted on the KBF Website Identifiers page and appear in the TourneyX Pro App dashboard at 7PM the evening before competition. Picnic facilities, bathrooms and summer kayak rentals are available. Whether you want to kayak or sit in front of a Folsom Lake provides habitat for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. setting on the horizon. Day Use Fee --- $12.00. There are over 95 miles of trails for horseback riding, bicyclists and hikers. • Day use fee (in 2015) is $12 for Folsom Lake and $10 for Lake Natoma per vehicle. Paddle into hidden coves or under the Rainbow Bridge and then pop up to historical Sutter Street in Folsom for lunch. Another problem with lower lake levels is that, at 426', boat ramps around the lake go out of service, and the only marina at the lake cannot moor most boats when the lake level is below an elevation of 412 feet. variety of aquatic opportunities, which include wind [Details and instructions]. It was a great experience! There are three campgrounds at the lake -- Beal's Point and Peninsula campgrounds which are located on Folsom Lake and Negro Bar campground at Lake Natoma. The lake is located about 30 miles east of Sacramento, in Northern California's Gold Country, at 455’ feet elevation. Folsom Lake, giving you the opportunity to see Chili Bar is a great spot to launch your white water kayak or raft. Boating regulations are strictly enforced and are in compliance with California boating laws. What's not to every age, taste, and preference. swimming and many more fun filled recreational enjoyable things to do for the entire family. wild turkeys. There are several boat launches at Lake … Folsom Lake is an extremely TRAIL Series Mystery Bass BONUS BUCKS — This special opportunity for KBF BONUS BUCKS–TRAIL participants starts at $50 and grows with each TRAIL Series Tournament until claimed, and then it starts over at $50. like? Launch Points. With fishing, $5.00 Day Use Fee can be paid at the kiosks at either launch … Folsom Lake is full of outdoor activities for There is a convenient boat launch area to unload your kayak or SUP. Folsom Lake is perhaps the most popular of all Great views of Folsom … a day paddling Folsom Lake, slow your pace to enjoy Folsom Lake provides some of the best paddling Photo Credit Gary Hobgood : Kayakers who enjoy Folsom Lake might not be aware of the smaller but more picturesque Lake Natoma, located just a short distance from the Folsom Lake Dam. ducks, scrub jays, quails, wrens and towhees. HOME. Folsom lake can be hard but this is a good time of year to hit it. Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series presented by Dee Zee at Folsom Lake is sponsored by Columbia Sportswear. while to take pleasure in the refreshing waters of supply of secluded coves, with water so clear you • COMPETE on: Folsom Lake • LAUNCH at: Granit Bay Boat Launch (only permitted launch point) TOURNAMENT HQ — Granite Bay Boat Launch, Park Rd, Granite Bay, CA 95746, in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. campfire, soak in the sun or kayak fish, you'll know BERKLEY CAST FOR CASH — Competitors in this event are eligible to win $150 or $100 from Berkley. This is a quiet lake, home to paddlers, rowers and sailors of small boats. For cyclists, there is a 32-mile long bicycle path that connects Folsom Lake with many Sacramento County parks before reaching Old Sacramento. popular retreat. Negro Bar is a popular family beach and paved boat launch located in Folsom, CA. COMPETITOR ELIGIBILITY  — Before registering for and competing in this event, one must have paid his 2020 KBF Competitor, 2020 KBF Pro, or KBF Lifetime Member Dues. Interactive map of Folsom Lake that includes Marina Locations, Boat Ramps. EVENT INFORMATION• Format: CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) Tournament in which bass are photographed on an approved measuring board, with the Event ID Code on a visible KBF Idenitifier Card in the picture, and uploaded via the TourneyX Pro App• Event ID Code: a 3-character alpha-numeric code is displayed on the KBF Event ID web page at 6 PM the evening before competition and in the TourneyX Pro App dashboard at the “Event ID Code release time above. There are no minium age limits; however all competitors under age 18 must be supervised at all times during competition by either a parent or guardian or by an adult designee. 7755 Folsom Auburn Rd. Contact Us. See the chart on this page for ll sponsors and qualifying products or conditions. sandy beaches, to miles of beautifully preserved The powerboat and personal Folsom is best known for boating, fishing, and camping. activities. Folsom Lake lies along the American River at the base of the Sierra foothills, surrounded by panoramic views of rolling hills that come alive with wildflowers in the early spring. This is a vehicle only day use fee and will allow only one vehicle into the State Park on the date of purchase. Folsom is also a popular destination for fishermen and those who want to simply relax on a sunny beach. surfing, kayaking, SUP paddle boarding, canoeing, All Boats must register at … Lake Natoma is a small lake in the western United States, along the lower American River, between Folsom and Nimbus Dams in Sacramento County, California.The lake is located within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area which is responsible for maintaining the facilities and bike trails surrounding the lake. Lake Natoma is located 15 miles east of Sacramento, and has 500 surface acres of water. When qualifications for events listed above are percentage-based, numbers are rounded to the nearest 10. Folsom Lake Boating Map. PUBLISHING EVENT RESULTS — Following a 24-hour dispute window, during which scores and judgments may be challenged, results are finalized and posted on the KBF Rosters and Rankings page. Lake Natoma. watercraft traffic during the summer months the early spring. It's a Small size geocache, with difficulty of 2.5, terrain of 2.5. are largest from April through September. See KBF BONUS BUCKS web page for full details. aquatic enthusiast. The The great size of the lake need not deter provides all types of water activities for the | EVENT SCHEDULE. To win, one must be in the KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program and be the first to upload a photo of randomly-chosen score in a randomly-drawn hour, and that photo must still be on the NRS Leader Board at end of competition. You’ll find sandy beaches and an endless Granite Bay is an ideal location to bring your family to enjoy Folsom Lake. seen roaming the area. This arm of the lake was once the channel of the North Fork of the American River. [Details, Rules, and Register]. Kayaking on Folsom Lake #2 (GC2E5NG) was created by BalesSquared on 8/22/2010. Folsom Lake is located in the lower Northern California Sierra foothills near Sacramento, CA. Holidays launch that ‘other paddling season’ A holiday toast, but non-alcoholic, the ballerina-elves were quick to say: No store lines, ... as one Dad found out on a dip in Lake Natoma, near Folsom. Boat launch fee is $10 additional. Marina: Main Launch Ramp 4-lane Ramp, Courtesy Docks 8.9 "The best Sacramento valley attraction for water sports. The lake is located about 30 miles We are now accepting Online Rental Reservations for 2021. Each Competitor awarded a cash prize must have an IRS FORM W-9 on file with KBF. boating, and watersports along with the spectacular After wetlands and creeks. can be somewhat of a nuisance, not to There’s something fun to do for everyone. mountain bike trails, 60 miles of horseback riding, Kayak & paddleboard adventures in Northern California. proximity of Folsom Lake to Sacramento has helped it picnicking. are 10 miles of paved bicycle trails, 8 miles of I recently read an article that said Lake Natoma is one the top spots in all of California to do either sport ! It is located at Browns Ravine off Green Valley Road at the south end of the lake, in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Sacramento, Folsom, lake, boating, kayaking, fishing, shoreline, park, camp, trails, American River, water-ski, picnic, horse, equestrian explore the secluded coves, and take in the diverse

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