It’s free for you, but not free for me. These statements, and others like them, are intended to make you feel complicit in and responsible for what is happening. Teaching the introjects to remove the loyalty to the perpetrators, and to defend and protect the DID system in healthier ways is extremely important system work. Now, I try to avoid labeling my inside folks because they are all special and unique and beyond black and white definition. Introject definition: (esp of a child) to incorporate ideas of others, or (in fantasy ) of objects | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples introjects are not directly connected to that person in any way at all. WOW, Caden! There are multiple layers and multiple reasons for internalizing outside people / outside figures to be inside people or inside figures. It’s complicated like that, but in joining in and following along, and having an insider contain the memories and enforce the rules, that can help the dissociative system to be able to do what was required of them with less external punishment. Holidays for DID Trauma Survivors… Making it Nice for the Littles, Getting Back Those Lost, Missing Chunks of Time. Even if I were writing a whole book, it would be hard to do that! (Psychology) to turn (feelings for another) towards oneself. Wow, Laura! also helps to protect me from my parents. Then it will consume me from the inside out. This is really very helpful. introject - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. She loves the Frozen movies, so he has sat and watched them 4 times even though he doesnt like “girly movies,” This usually occurred several times throughout the day, getting progressively worse as time went on. quotations . It seems like when getting in MY face while driving didn’t stop me – it turned to targeting little ones – OR maybe it had been doing it all along – only I hadn’t seen it before….I have seen groups of little ones Inside running in fear – but I didn’t know why…..I don’t know…..Any insight, anybody????? I see subtle changes so there is hope! Maybe I’m just confused…. So is it a good or bad thing? It totally blows my mind. I somehow stay disconnected from most of the feeling of it – like I am watching it through a window pane – am aware of the “feeling” that is there…..I’m just not feeling it…….is that good or bad????? As frightening as they may seem, they are just doing their jobs for us. Same can hold true for Laura and Kathy’s postings. It is merely intended as a general informational overview of the subject for healthcare professionals, trauma survivors, and those reading the DiscussingDissociation site. 2003, Theodore Millon, Melvin J. Lerner, Irving B. Weiner, Handbook of Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology (page 123) When introjects are weak (or even absent), an anaclitic personality configuration results, characterized by dependency, insecurity, … He dont be acting at all like the big scary guy he ust to be! but they started talking to her. I appreciate your willingness to help with the hard topics. introject (incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously) Sense 2. Thanks for letting me “babble-spew” ….. again ….. Caroline – thank you for including God “stuff” in your comments….we are in that boat – parts that seem to have a strong God connection – parts that we just want to say “Who ARE you??? All it took was for them to bond with her. ……your parts asking about God gives us hope…. We just have a few left, the Bully and Shadow, and MK. Difficult seems like such an anemic word for all this…. It is exhausting .trying to NOT get in trouble on the Outside – AND not get in trouble on the Inside…..where do I go??????…..ugh….. I say this for my postings and it certainly can be true of all of our postings here – if something that I say is not clear or you take issue with it folks, just ask me about it. constantly obeying was his way to protect us. And what about the ones that bad people put there on purpose? How did there get to be such a confusing mess in me….makes me feel like I am losing my mind….Rage has been glaring at me a lot lately…. They typically feel a huge weight of, If you can accept and embrace the two key points about, Progress Made while Reading about DID at Discussing Dissociation. Hiddenton Bear Dissoci-ACTION Story Packs, Scoring the Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES), List of All Articles on Discussing Dissociation Blog, There are two important keys to working with, However, a child’s understanding would not be able to see the manipulation. Accessed 18 Jan. 2021. <3 Great job writing this! Beautifully written and emotionally accurate. Someone sits like a scribe writing down this history….all the births and transactions and things of note. Well the Bully she still grumpy. Do your best to read through the whole article. He is struggling very much with memories too, but he hasnt done anything to hurt anyone in a while. Maybe one day I will get to find out who MY “Rage” really is….so glad for you! But of course we weren’t, and she could see that we weren’t, which was why the abuse lasted so long. And it freak him out everything he held for us is still with us, safely guarded by one of our children. The resemblance to your abuser is an appearance only, like an actor playing a role in a movie, complete with ugly personality and cruel behaviors. As an LCSW and LMSW exam coach, there are no defense mechanisms I get more emails and questions about than introjection, internalization and identification.Introjection and internalization are used pretty interchangeably on the exam, so going forward in this blog I will just use ‘introjection’ for the sake of simplicity. They typically feel a huge weight of repsonsibility for trying to keep you safe from that person, and they also feel the weight of every time they failed in their job, and others in your system were hurt despite every effort to prevent it. That sure must be a confusing situation! And of course, once your system know how to introject someone, and internalize them within, they can do that with anyone who is needed in their internal world. Let me tell yall about this little guy now. With sincere regard for the special world that Kathy has created and the wonderful inhabitants who have made the pilgrimage to share here. Do Dissociative Trauma Survivors Actually Lose Time? Sure does take one’s breath away thinking about it. When talking about her in my sessions, my T explained that she, too, was there to protect me. A child would believe the suggestion that it was something they did or did not do that led to the abuse they were suffering. For the most part “Outside Me” “sees” it but can only “feel” varying degrees – depending on how bad the trigger is – but am aware that certain Insiders are more aware than I am…..not being “negative” here – just “objective”…..can’t figure out how to pretend it is not there…. So, I just go with whatever colour they want to present when they come out of the box. The image in the mirror is not the real thing. Yet it IS. But it be weird that her can be big and loud now that shadowmean dont be in her face yeling at her all the time. i just came home from a 4 weeks stay in a clinic. I have seen this “snake” in my face (usually suddenly while driving) after times of gaining ground in therapy) ….but this time, I “saw” it “punish” this little girl after I “told” something – correction…I saw the beginning of her punishment and then her end result – I lost sight of her in the “middle” part….. I especially appreciate you saying – “there may be one line in a post that explains things none of us can put words to. Danger  was always near you and you had to be careful of every move and every word, because your very survival might depend on not doing or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. They are a part of your system who is locked into an old role and still playing by old rules. These parts can be very difficult to approach as part of your healing. When I try it’s feels like all hell is breaking loose inside. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. At the end of the article it says to be careful with the ones that were created by other people. 1 : to incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously. If I did so, I would be no better than the abusers that helped to create her in the first place. 1. Now her be mean all the time. They need help to understand and absorb that the abuse is truly a thing of the past, and they need support in the transition from old ways to new. Okay, so much easier said then done. I think there are a variety of ways and reasons that introjects can be created, purposefully or organically. He still seems pretty tortured inside He is having a strong pull to do some bad things, because of that programming in his head. They absolutely don’t need to be blamed or held responsible for how and why they exist. It’s not easy to cover everyone’s situation in a single post! I just wanted to give a shout out here to let you know that your question has been heard. It might gain only a small allowance of protection, but when you were little, every little bit of protection mattered. Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz! We are aiming for “hopeful”!……. At the beginning of my journey of exploration into my DID system, I was fascinated to know that there were different kinds of alters. Torture has a name? Synonyms for introjection in Free Thesaurus. I have urged my T to come to this site for information as well. Their inside hurters became their system helpers. introject: ( in'trō-jekt ), The dynamically endowed, enduring internal representation of an object. Working with Difficult and Destructive Alters, The Love / Hate Relationship for Borderlines, Compulsive Hoarding and Dissociative Disorders, Videos for DID Systems and Dissociative Trauma Survivors. He had a history of horrible violence with us and a very very bad attitude. Our therapist says The Mocking Voice, in our childhood, served a valuable purpose, to keep us safe. this was a well written post and very accurate. even if that meant taking our own life. He gave her a blanket and pillow, and snacks. one of the functions of these introject parts is to help remember the rules that were being given by the abuser, because, of course, one can get into even more trouble if they don’t follow the rules of the abuser, especially when there is no other safe place to be, and no one else helping you. That only made us absolutely furious, for we felt she was playing some kind of cruel game to justify her hurting us. Our therapist says the introject would learn to anticipate her actions and act accordingly to pacify her, thus lessening the severity of her abuse. And it be weird cuz now he be so triggerd and so worryd and scard all the time and he dont be at all like how he usd to be, And it also be weird that sins that boy got littler and he dont be yeling and scaring everybudy then this other girl her be free now to be bossy and mean cuz judah dont be there to hit her and yell at her. And painful in the extreme. Everyone in the system deserves safety, healing, comfort, and freedom — even the ones who had to walk side-by-side with the perpetrators. so he wandered the streets to find them, he hurt us badly just to repeat everything they made him do for years. "When a child envelops representational images of his absent parents into himself, simultaneously fusing them with his own personality." we can recall actually trying to fight our way out of her grasp as she shook us and slapped us, yelling at her. I’ll be honest, you might feel some stirrings from within your system, so be prepared for that, and expect it. Learn a new word every day. Introjects are alters that are based off outside people or characters. SO…. Then, so too are my introjects. All Free. What I can say that I have learned is this – there is no one-size-fits-all in DID so every one of our systems will have general similarities and a whole lot of uniqueness just like us and our stories. In psychoanalysis, introjection is the process by which the subject replicates behaviors, attributes, or other fragments of the surrounding world, especially of other subjects. thank you, laura! What made you want to look up introject? Another way to think of introjects — Wren, this might help, hopefully — is to remember that someone in the DID system had to remember all the stuff the outside person (in this scenario, the abuser) said and did and required. introject (verb) incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously. Shadow, once he crosses the line from dark to light, will become Judah as his name. in the clinic they know me, i’ve been coming there for years now. They might not be choosing methods that feel helpful, but their intention really is to help and protect you. To try to keep me safe and out of danger. Introjects can be based off a family member or adult caretaker who supported the dissociative child and provided a positive influence on their life, serving as a source of potential positive messages for the child to internalize.

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