In Kirby’s games, he can indeed die to a mole. It fails to do much of anything. Kirby can still succ in environments with different atmospheric pressure. When Kirby inhales, anything caught in the inhale even if in mid attack is swallowed and turned into either a hat for Kirby with special powers or a star projectile Kirby can spit. 1 Description 2 Intro 3 Kirby 4 Saitama 5 Pre-fight 6 Fight 7 Results Nintendo vs One Punch Man. BonnieSonics house As the heroes prepare to invade the Monster Association Headquarters, they come across an army of over 150 monsters. His origins are shrouded in mystery as are his motives, appearing as an impediment in Kirby's progress in some games but serving as a steadfast ally in others. Kirby vs Saitama is Universe's eighth DBX. What else could you ask for? Firstly, Kirby had beaten someone with unlimited power so he's got a chance against Baldy, Round 1: Normal Round 2: dreamland, Kirby is with The good king himself Round 3: City A, Saitama is with Genos. No, but an omnipotent being could. Suction is created by a difference in pressure, in space there is none so being able to survive in space really doesn't say anything about whether Saitama could resist being sucked in. 43 Views. Saitama vs Squirrel Girl (One Punch Man vs Marvel) Akuma vs Garou (Street Fighter vs One Punch Man) Medusa Gorgon vs Orochimaru (Soul Eater vs Naruto) ... (Kirby vs Donkey Kong) Cargo's Favorite Villains Battle Royale. L'administration vous souhaite une bonne lecture! Two bald heroes who are much, much, much stronger than you would think. Nintendo vs One Punch Man. You can try to argue that Saitamas punch is special and goes right thru Kirbys inhale that stops punches/attacks but I question there being feats for that. kirby can withstand the vacuum of space and has tanked planet size explosions while being right next to the centre of the blast. By shinxboy Watch. Kirby … Goku, in a forest, is seen practicing several melee moves, before he clenches his stomach. It features the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, Goku, and the returning hero Sonic of the franchise of the same name.. Simiarly, the April Fools' Day episode of Goku vs. Sonic ended with both characters defeated: Sonic is knocked unconscious 2 seconds into the fight while Goku, who had defeated Kirby, Godzilla and the Avengers, is killed by Saitama. Intro Edit. Izuku, Bakugou, Todoroki and Iida vs The Wattersons. What has remained constant is his deadly skill with a blade along with a tendency to flee when his mask is broken, revealing a face not unlike Kirby's. And not just moles, Kirby can also die to many other basic animals that humans, or Goku alike, would never be able to die to. it's not so simple, nowhere near. Goku tosses out meat for himself, but suddenly a blue blur passes by and steals it off him. Evil vs. Spyro VS … Saitama VS Kenshiro by FoxySonicMaster108 (Chain Project) Fsm wants a good fight! Even though Saitama is faster thats his only advantage he can't match up to Kirby's superior power versatility, skill and durability. He can withstand the vacuum of space, so he’d just one punch kirby without being sucked in. But Kirby is stronger than that since he has planet level items, feats and scaling to Galacta knight a warrior capable of destroying entire planets. Kirby is equally loosely defined and … And I … gmod kirby vs crossover garrysmod nintendo saitama shueisha deathbattle onepunchman. Recently became extremely popular and if you haven't seen One Punch Man yet, You really should before voting as his bald but strong head might win your vote. Two bald heroes who are much, much, much stronger than you would think just by looking at them who usually defeat monsters and aliens. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Kirby can be defeated by a waddle-dee that walks into him while Saitama has had trouble with an insect-sized opponent for the sake of comedy. Same reasoning with Kirby. Tatsumaki aggressively tries to blast him away. Now lets think about Goko. ... Kirby VS Pepe the frog Spoiler: Do i have to say more than this. just by looking at them who usually defeat monsters and aliens. Goku fired the blow at Kirby, but Kirby ducked under the blow and ran at Goku. Could someone with unlimited strength (like Saitama in terms of plot) transform a car into a squirrel? Saitama stood and flung his arms up, tearing half of the canyon and dozens of yards of crust from the earth free, flipping into the air with a pinned Doomsday. The whole series is a parody of superhero stories. Saitama is an "enemy" of large size, but still inhalable, Mario's official height is 5'11 and Kirby is half his height. Much on screen feats are available for this. GMOD i'm using 'you look tough let me see your moves' a Battle of two OP Heroes that can Survived anything and who will win a Death Battle! If he made contact i would agree. Kirby vs Sans If the intro to the campaign mode in Super Smash Bros Ultimate taught us anything, it’s that Kirby is one of the most survivable characters in the roster. And are you also implying Saitama is omnipotent? Saitama intervenes when it gets a bit serious, grabbing Tatsumaki's hand to stop her. It fails and he doesn't let go. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Kirby smacked Saitama across the cheek and gave him some medicine to make him feel better. Goku can be defeated by a laser blaster but that doesn't matter because at his peak he's universal+. Lets take a logical approach to this. Goku VS Sonic is a bonus One Minute Melee. Once you've achieved seemingly infinite power, there is no better way but to take it as a joke! Yes Saitama got to the moon from earth in the matter of seconds, kirby got from one end of the galaxy to the other in seconds with the warpstar. Kirby punched Goku in the face, and then … What else could you ask for? Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 7 Favourites. Tatsumaki vs. Kirby vs One Punch Man! For Goku, that is. 2 Comments. Press J to jump to the feed. Eventually, DiMMFx disbanded, but One Minute Melee continued into its second series with Mali De'lisser animating some 2D fights and being the primary director for the series and Torrian Crawford animating the 3D fights. Saitama wins this. KIRBY VS SAITAMA. Retrouvez ici toutes les informations sur les battles, les personnages, les voix, et cætera... Vous pouvez bien sûr contribuer à ce wiki, ou simplement le consulter. Unlimited power isn’t the same as omnipotence. Gaara vs Toph Part 1 by anthunyisback; Ultimate Showdown Part 2 by anthunyisback; Creepy Pasta Free 4 All by anthunyisback; Indie Free 4 All by anthunyisback; Lapis Lazuli vs Juvia by anthunyisback; Slenderman vs Enderman by anthunyisback; Kirby vs Saitama by anthunyisback; Add yourself to the dance party. A MOLE! How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Video Games vs Anime/Manga' themed Death Battles, Unlimited power != Omnipotent. (Add yourself) ... red vs fsm108 BATTLE X bonus #1 by redthehedgehog105 (VOTING CLOSED!!) Roger Kirby vs. Takashi Ishikawa - Double Count Out (8:58) AJPW Grand Champion Carnival III 1984 - Tag 19 - Event @ Fruit and Vegetable Market in Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan 78 Saitama looked down at Kirby in shock. Kirby has inhaled Enemies with bigger height and width than Mario, making the un canoness of the crossover irrelevant. He also fights several other characters on the moon with little issue, but the moons of Dream Land may still have a working atmosphere. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But I agree, Kirby stomps hard in terms of feats. Saitama struggles against planet busters but kirby beats universe breakers on a normal basis. Wiz: An unkillable red suited anti-hero facing against One Punch Man. Kirby would win because not only is he faster, more versatile, but hes straight up stronger. Inhale: One of Kirby's basic attacks and his signature move both in his games and SSB series. Boomstick: They are both bald! I couldn't beat a hose using an unlimited eyedropper full of water. Saitama appeared on the side of the revolving rock opposite Doomsday, rearing back before slamming his fist into the rock, launching the massive projectile back down. She tries to bend his very energy to take him out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Based on the anime, Saitama first looks around calmly, realizes he's in space, then covers his nose. After Season 2 however, One Minute Melee would move to Hyper Gau… Saitama, Also known as One Punch Man! Goku: "I'm really hungry!" Then, there's the Stinger: Someone blasting Saitama in the back of the head and all Saitama does is annoyingly swat at it like its a fly and turn around to see Superman drop down before him! As for the battle this fight should go to Kirby, Saitama defeated Lord Boros who could destroy the surface of a planet with his final attack and he himself has some impressive striking feats. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. He's supposed to be so OP that he doesn't even understand what a fight is anymore. And to top it all off: Goku gets bumped into by Saitama while trying to eat his meat at last.Naturally, it doesn't end well. This creature was trying to help him. Superman vs Saitama est le troisième épisode de la deuxième saison des Epic Pixel Battles. Kirby sucked up Saitama and ran at Goku. he’d just one punch kirby without being sucked in. Saitama has higher combat speed that Kirby's since he could throw multiple punches within the span of an explosion. If they had unlimited power they couldn't be beaten since they would be omnipotent. Meta Knight is an enigmatic fighter with a mask who appears as a consistent rival to Kirbythroughout the series. Ancient King • Iaian vs. Melzargard • Atomic Samurai, Bang, Metal Bat, and Puri-Puri Prisoner vs. Melzargard • Saitama vs. Groribas and Geryuganshoop • Saitama vs. Boros • Saitama vs… The pink puffball has also been described as having infinite power in the 3DS game Planet Robobot back in 2016. Remember, he fights Marx and Dark Nebula in the depths of space. ... Kirby vs Undertale Collab Studios I Curate View all. While the first three episodes were originally on the YouTube channel DiMMFx, the subsequent fights have been released on ScrewAttack's website and channel, though ScrewAttack does promote DiMMFx in every episode. Bienvenue sur le wiki officiel des Epic Pixel Battle de 123Lunatic! 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Deadpool 4 Saitama 5 Pre Death Battle 6 Death Battle 7 Poll 7.1 Result These two may be parodies various superhero tropes, but they can also be two of the deadliest combatants in fictional history, as they are both bald. Both are very physically strong as Saitama's serious table flip is a city level strength feat and Kirby is able to throw his enemies into space. One of these monsters is Evil Eye. How about some anti-feats? Saitama is a joke character by definition. 72: Deadpool VS Saitama (Marvel Comics VS One Punch Man) July 11, 2016; Winner: Saitama 73: Kirby VS Pac-Man (Kirby VS Pac-Man) July 15, 2016; Winner: Kirby 74: Link VS Zero (Legend of Zelda VS Mega Man X) July 18, 2016; Winner: Tie 75: Fire Sonic VS Natsu Dragneel (Sonic the Hedgehog VS Fairy Tail) July 22, 2016; Winner: Natsu Dragneel You are indeed where you belong.

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