Snow Barrel Blast is the first stage of Gorilla Glacier and first snow stage in Donkey Kong Country. DKC3 on the other hand has quite a few snow … Snow Barrel Blast; Slipslide Ride; Ice Age Alley; Croctopus Chase My personal best run through is getting to the start of Orang-Utan Gang, though there is a Youtube video (see the bibliography) that shows a person getting to the start of Snow Barrel Blast. There's more snow and ice levels in this area, but Snow Barrel Blast is the best. Snow Barrel Blast. On Croctopus Chase, there's a right way and a wrong way to get past the barrels. SNES: Bonus 1: As soon as you start the level jump on top of the Igloo and jump on top of the Necky that is flying left while your on the left side of the Igloo and you'll be able to reach a Bonus Room where you can receive a Winky Token. The Bonus Level is almost the exact same as Snow Barrel Blast's second Bonus Level, as the Kongs must shoot from a rapidly spinning Barrel Cannon to collect the bananas above. Bonus room 2: When you see the first DK barrel after bonus room 1, roll the tire (which you need to reach a barrel) loeft to the column of bananas. When it does, jump on it to bounce into a barrel to get to a bonus room. Points are collected by various means, with the most points given for completing the level. Snow Barrel Blast is the first level in the fourth world named Gorilla Glacier which is in the SNES title Donkey Kong Country and is also the seventeenth level in the game. The second byte is the total number of completable rooms in the level. It comes before Slipslide Ride. Aside from the factory background, the only difference is that a Life Balloon is above the bananas instead of a … Bonus room 1: Grab the barrel just after the midway barrel and take it right to a wall... bash it in! ... On Snow Barrel Blast, sometimes down will not take you out; it may help you go forward. Donkey Kong Country 3 - DKC2 has some ice levels, but unfortunately IIRC it doesn't have any snow levels. The N might be the hardest of all to get - it's located next to the second Bonus Area's Bonus Barrel on this stage - to get to it, you can read the Bonus Areas section of the guide. Inside: Blast between the spinning barrels, getting bananas. The level contains 3 bonus rooms. Bonus Rooms: 2 (38 and 39) Animal Buddies: Expresso Difficulty: Average The Stage This level has an opposite transition effect from that of Snow Barrel Blast. Snow Barrel Blast Bonus Room: Jump onto the entrance and wait for the Necky to come. There's a big bunch in the center. Snow Barrel Blast is the first snow level in Donkey Kong Country. The fourth world. Snow Barrel Blast – Donkey Kong Country With snow-tipped evergreens and mountains standing tall in the distance, Snow Barrel Blast looks like an … Donkey Kong Country - Part 17 - Snow Barrel Blast. This counts the bonus rooms and the level exit. It had such a lasting impression on me since the first time I played it. This is where the game starts getting hard. Many people believe this is the hardest world, but that's only because of the inconsistent saving system. In this world, you have to go through five levels before you get to save, while in some other worlds you only have to beat two or three. It's primarily compose of treacherous landscapes that are bridged by ropes.

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