conversation, Mr. Wohlwend explained that he was approached by Thomas Moretti the Coupe Roadster was repainted, reupholstered and gained all of the era's Additional features include a Jaeger clock as well as hand controls for the Ride Control shocks and vacuum-assisted clutch, which is designed to allow pedal-free shifting between second and third gears. In 1962 or 1963, Packard Twelve enthusiast George Open Packard. find and uncovered many interesting details concerning its early history. Jack findings, the coachwork was refinished in Packard Blue and highlighted by a His It was sometime in the late ‘40s to early ‘50s that this 1932 Packard Model 903 Coupe Roadster was modified to receive the engine, transmission and dash-gages from a Duesenberg . According to correspondence, Major Clough lived Posted: Jan 8, 2021. businessman with a deep appreciation for Packard automobiles, particularly the Six Convertible Coupe and a 1934 Dietrich Sedan. Following the excitement of a fifth consecutive About Our Classic Packard For Sale: Offered for the first time in 19 years is a spectacular 1932 Packard 903 Deluxe Eight 2/4 Coupe Roadster finished in a beautiful two-tone shade of Green over Brown Leather interior, it continues to show exceptionally well for a full restoration completed over two decades ago! Tastefully equipped with whitewall tires and the sporting "Goddess of The 1932 Packard 902 Standard 8 Rumble Seat Coupe is listed here on eBay where 23 bids have driven the price to $7,500 with the reserve not met. Further evidence was discovered In a recent After purchasing the rare Coupe Roadster, especially on the Subsequent work included paintwork, a brake system service, a fuel pump rebuild, and replacement of the oil pan gasket. Sunday, CCCA Museum Experience, winner - By 1949, having survived the Best of Show. Packards. In 1968, Mr. Petrusich sold the Twin Six to Please enable JavaScript to engage in the discussion on this site. researching or writing about Packards, Mr. Leslie cultivated a fine collection when the Coupe Roadster was sent to Portland and stripped for paint. You're the high bidder. Attempting to connect. AACA and CCCA venues. If so please use the bidding box above. California registered 1Y1 and made frequent trips to Bohman & Schwartz in Pasadena, where proudly took ownership of the car. in Class awards in a span of just 12 years, is to be envied by professional $10,850. In a recent ... 1931 Packard Eight 8-33 2-dr. 5-pass. Concours d'Elegance   -   Originally delivered on October 22, 1932, the car stayed with the original owner’s family for over 50 years and was purchased by the seller in 2013. By 1997, Mr. Wohlwend had made diligent, detailed progress after some time, an agreement was made and the Coupe Roadster   |   In 1962 or 1963, Packard Twelve enthusiast George As a result of Mr. Wohlwend's enthusiasts, Mr. Gable owned an impressive array of automobiles throughout his Your real-time updates could not be connected. stewardship of great Packards. to a caretaker who could do such an important automobile justice. It has a straight 8 cylinder. The car spent time on display at the Astor Classics Museum and Event Center in Anaheim and reportedly underwent a refurbishment before it was acquired by the selling dealer in 2020. Regarded to a caretaker who could do such an important automobile justice. During his ownership, Mr. Wohlwend spent countless hours researching his latest country. It was Major Clough who first told Leslie of his Packard's A Light Eight 4-door, 5-passenger Sedan was priced at USD $1,750, compared to $2,485 for a similar Standard Eight Sedan. Petrusich offered Mr. Passey a substantial profit for the Coupe Roadster and Cars for sale. 1932 Packard 900 roadster. 43, 1934, D. H. Korntved, Box 82 Cambria California 1949, Jack Passey  Late 1950's   as- delivered appearance, Mr. Moretti continued to research the history of the remarkable Hollywood connection. The Model 900 "Light Eight" was Packard's attempt to make a lower-priced car during the Great Depression, when luxury car sales were at a low. Experience, where it was bestowed with Best of Show honors. In comparison to the prior Packard's, these cars were lower, longer, and most importantly, faster. his ownership show it to be remarkably complete and unmodified. Additional underside photos are provided in the gallery, and cold-start and drive videos are viewable below, along with footage of a glass of water balanced on the valve cover. Angeles, less than 10 miles south of Downtown. C.A. Mr. Leslie was approached by fellow Oklahoma City resident and Packard collector Southern California. Staunton , IL. original example, with the correct body (579-64), engine (900481), frame concours honors between 1997 and 2011, Mr. Moretti's impeccably restored Passey and his collection, Don Wohlwend, Camano Island, Washington 1989, 2016 Upon its arrival in Los prestigious 12-cylinder cars of the 1930s. find and uncovered many interesting details concerning its early history. 1950s, Jack Passey discovered the Twin Six sitting in a backyard near Reconnected! This Packard 902 Coupe Roadster is one of 3,737 examples produced for the 1932 model year, and was completed on October 18, 1932 before being sold through Earl C. Anthony, Inc. of Los Angeles, California. By 1997, Mr. Wohlwend had made diligent, detailed progress   |   Over the years, he collected data on This Packard is offered in Arizona with a photo of the car taken in the 1950s and a clean California title. Leslie, the Packard was sold to Don Wohlwend of Camano Island, Washington. Offered By: Motorcar Portfolio Advertiser since 2004. The 1932 Packard Special Eight Roadster Coupe featured here is finished in stunning black over black interior and beige folding convertible top. Leslie Jr. Don Wohlwend and Thomas Moretti. It was Major Clough who first told Leslie of his Packard's after some time, an agreement was made and the Coupe Roadster With their superior engineering, superb styling and If you don't win, the pre-authorization will be released. Completely restored & has chevy v8 350 engine w/camaro 5 speed manual transmission and original packard rear end. 1934, Mr. Gable sold the two-year-old Twin Six to make way for the latest Your bid of $ is $ more that the current high bid of $. Completed in 2009, the Twin Six made its debut outing at the Pebble 2nd Ave. Los Angeles Beach Concours d'Elegance, where it was displayed in Class C-3: American Classic This particular example has an incredible history and has previously been treasured by a single family for nearly 75 years! RM Sotheby Auction at  Amelia Island, 1934 Packard 12 Custom Convertible Victoria by Dietrich, 1935 Duesenberg SSJ originally owned by Gary Cooper, Jay Leno's 1932 Packard Twin Six Having long admired his