Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Opinions are statements people make about their beliefs and or judgments. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In other words, an opinion can be a fact when it is accurate, true, and verifiable with evidence. FACT OR OPINION?George Washington was the first president in theUnited States of America FACT OPINION 8 7. Simply stated, a fact is a truth. They might have based their opinion on facts which are themselves untrue (such as Golden Arrow's fitness); they might have failed to consider a relevant fact (the ground was muddy and Golden Arrow runs best on firm ground) or they might have reached the wrong conclusion because of a gap in the logic they used to think it through (Golden Arrow had a strong name, so was bound to win). Submit. If you say "I believe that this box contains a potato", that is not an opinion about either boxes or potatoes. Your analysis would disprove this and show that the information was incorrect. It is clear and obvious that only stupid and ignorant people smoke cigarettes. Opinions can carry a … The Fact: The fact in the above statement is "Cigarette smoking causes bodily and health problems such as lung cancer and premature infants" and the opinion in the above statement is "It is clear and obvious that only stupid and ignorant people smoke cigarettes.". For example, the picture above shows the stereotyping of women as horrible and dangerous drives. 1st one: And the 2nd: ^^-^^ OPINION ^^-^^ * An OPINION can't be proven as that it is true or false. Regardless of the type of bias that a person has, all critical readers must be aware of the fact that they have biases which can, and will, adversely affect their comprehension of a reading passage when the thoughts and ideas in the reading passage are not consistent with their own biased thoughts and ideas of the reading passage; and rather than their own thoughts and ideas. One aspect of reading that my students seem to struggle with consistently is telling the difference between facts and opinions. Fact definition is - something that has actual existence. Each item on this worksheet is related to athletics, which gives it a fun sports theme. An opinion, in contrast to a fact, is a statement that reflects an author's or the speaker's point of view, beliefs, perspective, personal feelings, and values; opinions cannot be verified and proven to be true or false like a fact can be verified and proven to be true; however, a person's opinion can be supported or refuted when a critical thinker and a critically thinking reader of a text scrutinizes and critically evaluate… The five senses: Vision, hearing, smelling, which is referred to as the olfactory sense, tasting, which is referred to as the gustatory sense, and the sense of touch, which is the tactile sense. OPINION | History Dept.. Politically Incorrect | Breaking the barrier | Facts don't care about your feelings. In summary, empirical data and information is data and information that can be proven and verified with our five senses which are the sense of sight, or vision and/or the sense of hearing or auditory sensation and/or the sense of taste, or the gustatory sense and/or the sense touch, or the tactile sense and/or the sense smell, or the olfactory sense. But … Updated/Verified: Aug 26, 2020 | Staff Writers. Pizza tastes better than broccoli. Some examples of characteristics and traits that tend to lead to the halo effect bias include: Research has indicated that people with tall stature, a vibrant personality, high levels of attractiveness, a high level of intelligence, advanced education and the male gender are viewed as experts by others when the halo effect is being used by those people. Alene Burke RN, MSN is a nationally recognized nursing educator. If our experiment matches the statement then the statement is a fact. Knowing the difference between facts and opinions can aid you to use them appropriately and accurately. A hypothesis can simply be supported or rejected by the research project. They cannot be tested and verified as facts can. Fact Opinion Analysis ! Opinions can be accurate and true but opinions can also be completely false and untrue. Females are weak; therefore, they should not be able to join a law enforcement agency or the armed services. This fact has undergone the rigors of repeated scientific research over time, it is objective, it is verifiable, and it has been proven to be true with research and empirical evidence and the use of empirical senses. While a fact refers to the something true or real, which is backed by evidence, documentation, etc. Theories are developed over time when repeated valid and relatable research is done and there is finally a consensus and agreement among scientists that a theory is valid and then a fact does exist.