3M™ Hot Melt Sprayable Adhesives are fast, effective and especially good for bonding in bulk. Our hot melts are used in virtually all production areas for permanent or assembly bonding, for securing materials, as a sealant or as casting compounds. HMAs are capable of bonding an array of different substrates including paper, rubbers, ceramics, metals, plastics, glass, wood and more. Spraying hot glue can maximize the placement of your hot melt adhesive. BÜHNEN also offers a range of suitable hot melt adhesives and the associated application technology for many applications in the filter industry Are you looking for a standard or custom hot-melt adhesive solution for your industrial, manufacturing or packaging process? Find great prices on bulk hot melt and equipment at Hotmelt.com. I am standing by to guide you through the selection process. Hot melt adhesives are used for bonding fusible interlinings, in seam and hem sealing, fabric lamination, and a variety of other textile applications. These industries include paper, mattress manufacturing, woodworking, assembly … High bond strength, low application costs and processing safety are at the foundation of TECHNOMELT materials, which are widely used in markets as diverse as electronics, medical, … The Adhesive Supply Unit - Dynamelt S Series (ASU) is a computer-controlled hot-melt supply unit designed on metric standards. And here are some general terms used for HMAs: Open time: the working time to make a bond, where the surface still retains sufficient tack, can range from seconds for fast-setting HMAs to infinity for pressure-sensitive adhesives, Set time: time to form a bond of acceptable strength. Hot melt adhesives are widely used in packaging applications, to seal corrugated boxes, insert cards, producting carton trays, labelling of products and many more applications. insulated glass, door walls and solar panels; adhesives as low as 1,000cps or as high as 1,000,000cps. To help you determine which one of our adhesives is right for you, call or email me, Jack Benson. Since it is highly flexible and has a broad thermal setting … Adhesive Example application Recommended microdispensing system; 3M Plastic Bonding Adhesive 2665: Bonding of plastics: MDS 3200 +, MDS 3250 +, MDS 3280: Profit from first class microdispensing systems and take advantage of our superior technology. Our principal has always been: First advise, then sell! NDC, established in 1998, is specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and services of Hot Melt Adhesive Application System. Available for 120 V, 240 V or 380 V service. They are solid at room temperature and are activated upon heating above their softening point, at which stage they are liquid, and hence can be processed. Today, our Benchmark ® and ProFlex ® Hot Melt Systems are recognized the world over for exceptional performance, ease of operation and unparalleled value. Its "all-icon" control panel, with choice of display languages, is internationally operator friendly. Another type of lamination method is used for hot melt web adhesives, which work well for foam to textile applications. For mattress applications, the roller needs to be heated first before applying the adhesive. APAO Hot Melt Adhesives - The Basics Adhesives are everywhere and APAO hot melt is no exception. Intercol has standard a wide range of hot melt adhesives for various applications availble from stock. Surface energy: which influences wetting of different kind of surfaces. Vistamaxx™ performance polymers use ExxonMobil’s proprietary metallocene technology to develop a new generation of high-performance HMA formulations. Not only is polyester chemical- and heat-resistant – it also offers fantastic adhesion to paper and non-woven fabrics. Tankless and tank melters, bulk delivery systems and hot melt reactive (polyurethane) adhesive processing systems are all part of Nordson’s melter product family. Our manufacturing and distribution facility in Michigan, which supplies adhesives, dispensing equipment, and services, remains open. Hot Melt Adhesives : Applications > Hot Melt Adhesives : Micronized wax is commonly used as a partitioning agent in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), EVA co-polymer, Polyolefin (PO) and Amorphous Polyolefin (APO) hot melt adhesives. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure worker and product safety by following CDC and local community guidelines. This unique bulk hot melt chemistry is used in applications ranging from specialty packaging to automotive assembly and everything in-between. Unlike water-based and solvent adhesive systems, hot melt adhesives are 100% solid. Larger applications of HMA traditionally use pneumatic systems to supply adhesive. We proudly serve industries related to packaging, hygiene, furniture, mattress, food and beverage industries, tapes and labels, tobacco. Application temperatures for hot melt adhesives typically range between 121 o C – 204 o C (250 o F – 400 o F). For use in industrial processes, HMA adhesive is supplied in larger sticks and glue guns with higher melting rates. The powder is carefully deposited (dusted) onto the surface of the thermoplastic adhesive where it de-tacks the surface. And, Nordson also has extruders to … Simplify the process of dispensing hot melt adhesives with industrial hot melt glue guns that improve productivity and minimize waste. NDC has offered more than ten thousand of equipment & solutions for over 50 countries & areas and has earned high reputation in HMA application industry. Widely used in textile interlining applications, automotive headliner web adhesives, and many other applications. The hot melt adhesive is applied from the melt, gaining strength upon solidification and crystallization Although certain types of hot melt adhesives can crosslink over time or with an outside energy source, general purpose hot melt adhesive remain thermoplastic after application and gelling. Keeping employees safe from this high heat requires a combination of wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and training. Let us show you their advantages. Applications of EVA hot melt adhesives in various industries Thanks to their versatility, reliability and durability, EVA hot melt adhesives are used in a wide range of industries for a variety of applications. Read more about this here. In addition, governments and regulatory bodies are placing limits on trace chemicals produced during the processing of raw materials used in HMA formulations. All hot melt adhesives have comprehensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available. Applications include furniture cushions, foam inserts, modular office panels, gym floor pads and more. Al Mehraj Industries Company LLC have officially taken the exclusive distributorship for full range of Hot melt products in entire GCC from Adtek, Malaysia. A polyester-based (PET) hot melt adhesive is ideal for air filters in industrial or car ventilation systems that have to withstand high temperatures. The melting point of hot melt adhesives must be above the minimum temperature that the application will see in service. Today, hot melt adhesives are available in a variety of different types, allowing for use in a wide range of applications across several industries. TAGS: Hot-melt Adhesives The global hot-melt adhesives industry is driven by several evolving trends, such as:. These should be the main point of reference for all hot melt packaging … Platamid ® copolyamide pellets and free-flowing powders with low melt points, very high specific adhesion, and tremendous laundry/dry cleaning resistance. Hot melt adhesives are advantageous as there is no drying time or curing time required. Hot melt adhesives are generally 100% solids formulations based on thermoplastic polymers. Nordson hot melt glue systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. Shop glue guns, glue sticks, PUR hot melt and water based adhesives or call 877-933-3343. Aside from hot melt sticks, HMA can be delivered in other formats such at granular or power hot melt blocks for bulk melt processors. - Applicable for non-porous substrates. NO.15 Zisheng Road, Jiangnan High-Tech Park, Quanzhou City 362000, Fujian, P.R.China BÜHNEN hot melts are solvent-free, thermoplastic one-component adhesives that are melted by heating. Whether you’re looking for continuous or intermittent hot melt glue applications, our technology will ensure you get a precise, consistent … Hot-melt adhesives (HMA) for assembly Imagine the possibilities of a versatile, high-performance adhesive solution for assembly applications. Low odor; Low VOC; Solutions for hard-to-bond substrates, etc. For use in industrial processes, HMA adhesive is supplied in larger sticks and glue guns with higher melting rates. Hot melt adhesives have been used in binderies and direct mail houses for years. In general, hot melts are applied by extruding, rolling or spraying, and the high melt viscosity makes them ideal for porous and permeable substrates. Adhesive and tools from a single source. Hot melt adhesives (HMA) are as numerous as they are versatile. Hot Melt Adhesives. This article aims to demystify APAO hot melt and help users better understand th TECHNOMELT hot melt adhesives are uniquely designed materials that are ideal for a variety of applications where simplified processing, streamlined manufacturing and/or end-product protection are required. Spraying hot melt adhesive on foam. This application involves a heated press or nip to bond the web adhesive to substrates. ISO 9001- 2015 International Quality Assurance Standard. Craft applications Because hot melt adhesives are 100% solid, it is also good to use in various craft applications, it does not need to vaporize, so substrates like plastics and glass can be easily glued. Hot Melt Technologies is committed to the health and safety of our customers, employees, suppliers, and community. Laminating with hot melt glue. Although hot melt adhesives have been around for decades, advancements in PUR development have made it popular for applications like bookbinding, woodworking, and packaging starting in the 1950s. Nordson offers multiple hot melt glue machines designed to make packaging, binding, assembly, and other tasks quick and effortless. Some common examples of industries where Hot Melt is used include: Closing the flaps of corrugated boxes and paperboard cartons in the packaging industry, Profile-wrapping, product assembly and laminating applications in the woodworking industry, Disposable diapers are constructed through the use of HMA, bonding the non-woven material to both the backsheet and the elastics, Many electronic device manufacturers may also use an HMA to affix parts and wires or to secure, insulate, and protect the device’s components. Common applications in automobiles include textile convertible roofs, trunk lining, emblem attachment, seat assembly, and air filter attachments. Today, our Benchmark® and ProFlex® Hot Melt Systems are recognized the world over for exceptional performance, ease of operation and unparalleled value. NDC Hot Melt Adhesive Application System Co.,LTD. Our solvent-free hot melt adhesives with excellent performances are suitable for food & beverage packaging, easy peelable lids, filters, automobiles, construction and other applications. Contact us today. After application, they retain the ability to wet the substrate until they solidify. HMT supply systems and adhesives are the choice for thousands of product assemblers. Hot melt is often used because of: - Fast setting (short fibre tear time) - Broad adhesion range (difficult plastic substrates) - Easy processing. For over 35 years, Hot Melt Technologies has had an exclusive focus on building the finest hot melt application equipment and supplying the best hot melt adhesives to meet the demands of the product assembly industry. Today, hot melt adhesives are available in a variety of different types, allowing for use in a wide range of applications across several industries. Many applications, requiring full coverage of glue, utilize our wide variety of our spray nozzles. Simply spray a controlled pattern of 100% solids adhesive right where you want it on one or both surfaces and bond the substrates immediately. Our adhesive products are used in handgun and automatic gun applications; for packaging and general assembly; for low to high volume applications in high performance automotive parts and filter assembly; for sealing products like I.G. A variety of hot melts are available in the marketplace, and product selection is highly dependent on intended end-use, manufacturing processes, and application equipment. Tack: the degree of surface stickiness of the adhesive; influences the strength of the bond between wetted surfaces.