ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed? Tim Drake was much older then the other Robin's when he adopted the role and therefore created his suit from scratch. - Damian Wayne is the fifth and most recent Robin and is a clone of both Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. abdullah5122 The leather gloves were replaced by lightweight black gloves underneath two black, armored wrist gauntlets. This article is a disambiguation page for Robin The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Robin is the title held by the abused children (usually kidnapped) of Batman. Afterward, Ra's contacts him and tells him that he will destroy everything the Wayne enterprise has built including his close friends and allies. The two are now officially brothers. However, a reputation built up by others over a half-century was not something Tim Drake needed to inherit and so, given the task of furthering the latest Robin's training, writer Chuck Dixon, along with penciler Tom Lyle and inker Bob Smith, devised a five-issue "Trial" to make a man out of the Boy Wonder. [1] Tim (and its variations) is a common name in several countries. 10:55PM Azrael kept getting more and more violent and started to reject Tim. He then deduced that Bruce Wayne, Grayson's foster parent, was the Batman. Captured in Teen Titans: #17-19, 51-53. Alien Robin (Dick Grayson) Batman (Jason Todd) Batman (Tim Drake) Dick Grayson. He believes in better living through chemistry and surgery. The costume consisted of a bulletproof, long-sleeved, red tunic with two bandolier style straps crossing over his chest, and the Red Robin symbol encircled at the center. It is later revealed that Tim is chosen to produce Ra's next heir. Dick partially agreed to this, but said that he would only help Batman as Nightwing. Nearing the end of his training, Lady Shiva and Tim had a sparring match in which Tim defeats her with the bo staff. Red Robin offers the Ravagers the chance to surrender but is met with an attack. When he asks her why she called him out, she replies that it is his presumption, and then she attacks. Detective Tim Drake is the son of Jack and Janet Drake. First killing the Joker, he eventually killed many of the inmates like, Riddler, Hush, Killer Croc and others. Tim was the first person to suggest to Batman that it was Bane who was responsible for these actions. Due to feeling like he has failed Celine, who disappeared during the Culling and Artemis, who was a victim of the Culling as well as Danny, Tim tells Bunker that the Teen Titans is over. This article is a disambiguation page for Robin (disambiguation) The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Tim is a playable character in all three Lego Batman games. It would later be discovered that Red Hood was actually Jason Todd. Finally he calls Stephanie to tell her how sorry he is, but she doesn't answer and he doesn't leave a message. He is an exceptional detective, having deduced the identities of both Bruce and Dick when he was just a young boy after watching Dick as Robin perform a move he saw him doing in the circus. Nov 13, 2014 - This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. He trains constantly with Bruce and Dick and continually seeks to hone his skills. Dick Grayson took on the role of Batman for a time after Bruce Wayne's apparent death and retained the role as a "local Batman" while Bruce traveled the world as a "global Batman". When he took down the Joker’s criminal army in a fit of rage he beat the Joker to death with his bare hands and didn't stop until he saw that Tim was still very much alive, the joker is resuscitated [brought back to life] by huntress [the joker is still alive]. Timothy Drake is the third Robin, currently operating under the alias of Red Robin., Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Nightwing (Jason Todd) Owlman (Dick Grayson) Red Hood (Jason Todd) Tim Drake. Helping Jason out of jail seemed to improve their relationship. Tim and the other heroes, are freed by the runaway kids. Upon Bruce's return, Red Robin was operating as leader of the Outsider's and a member of Batman, Inc. Tim was an excellent detective, however he was missing an important skill: martial arts. He had second thoughts filling his mind when Dick Grayson, as Batman, arrives to talk. 1 DC Universe 1.1 Outside of Continuity 2 Robin as given name 2.1 ABC Comics 2.2 Marvel Comics 2.3 TV The Robins of the regular DC Continuity include: - Dick Grayson is the original Robin in the DC Universe and is currently known as Nightwing. He tells Harkness to run, then swinging after him after he took care of Fries, thinking "I couldn't go through with it. Please follow one of the disambiguation links below or search to find the page you were looking for if it is not listed. on 10/26/20 Timothy Drake is the third Robin, currently operating under the alias of Red Robin. Sylvia tells Tim how she & Roger met. Tim Drake last edited by The bandoliers were left intact along with the Red Robin symbol in the center of the chest. Upon Tim's return to Gotham, Alfred took the liberty of making some significant alterations to the Red Robin costume. As he teams with Batgirl and Red Hood to bring Tetch down, the three of them fall victim to the nanobots and become mind controlled. Batman. He returns to the Batbunker and tells Alfred and Dick about Vicki’s findings. He's like a really super-athletic nerd in many ways. He's not full of the wisecracks, although a transformation comes over him when he puts the costume on. During the fight he learns their name’s, the black man is called Z, the bald untrained woman is called Prudence [shorted to Pru] and the shooter Owens. "He's not overconfident, which was obviously the problem with the previous Robin. Miss Martian, disguised as Tim Drake speaks at the press conference as Red Robin watches Scarab waiting for the right moment to shoot who she thinks is Tim Drake, preventing him from exposing the corrupt cops. This marks the character's animated debut as Red Robin. In his guest appearances, he formed a friendship with Static, the show's protagonist. The introduction of the Terror Titans withdrew Ravenger from their ranks, and soon after, one of the teams tech-twins was murdered in an attack on Wonder Girl. Jason then sneaks up on Catwoman and knocks her out. Grayson took the role permanently and Damian Wayne became Tim's successor as Robin. He tells her that if she cared she'd have come to him, she wouldn't have lied to him, and she wouldn't have been spying on him for Dick. Eventually, Batman accepted Tim as Robin under one condition: Tim had to endure physical and mental training before he could become Robin so that he would not suffer the same fate as Jason Todd. If I may, allow me one final act as a member of your team, to bring you safely back to where you belong.” Despite refusing the offer, which would ‘kill’ Danny, Wonder Girl convinces Red Robin that Danny knew the risks and that if Danny wanted to teleport them home, it wasn’t his place to decide for Danny. Alien Robin (Dick Grayson) Batman (Jason Todd) Batman (Tim Drake) Dick Grayson. Celine, still struggling to accept her powers, decided to retreat back to her room, while the rest of the Titans suits up and go with Tim to Time Square. As Tim Drake/Wayne, he goes to Iron Heights Prison, meeting with his father's killer. Anarky tries to distract Tim with pre-recorded speech's of himself but this didn't work Anarky was no match for Tim's fighting skills and Tim beat Anarky badly. Bunker protests and tries to convince Tim that there are probably other organizations out there trying to harm people their age and that the world needed the Teen Titans more than ever. As a young boy, Tim Drake cleverly deduced the identity of Batman. Tim resents the fact that he has been 'replaced' by a homicidal child, but Dick explains that he views Tim as a partner and an equal, not a sidekick and that he chose Damian as the new Robin to keep an eye on him and keep him from killing again. He manages to set off his last bomb which is in a mail box next to the car his younger brother and sister were in. With Batgirl now free of Slade's influence, she joined Robin and the Titans against Slade's Titans East. After the death of Conner Kent in Infinite Crisis, Tim, deeply affected by the loss of his best friend, redesigned his costume to more closely resemble the red and black color scheme of the late Superboy. Tim then said that he was who he was now, who his father and Bruce shaped him to be. All Tim said is that Azrael is out of control and has locked himself in the bat cave. After Batman defeated the Joker, the relationships between Bruce and the rest of the Bat Family were still strong, but strained from what Joker had said. The deaths caused by Jason are on Tim's guilt as well. Doctor Excess considers himself a practioner of human potential.